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Log In / Register | Jun 19, 2018

Panera Takes New Tack in Its Commercials

Panera Bread just released today on YouTube a behind-the-scenes look at its newest commercials, built around the concept of "Live consciously. Eat deliciously." 

Retailers Expect Back to School Boost

 Retailers say sales jumped in July, some up as much as ten percent. As CBS News' Rebecca Jarvis reports, stores expect bigger numbers this year for the back-to-school shopping season.

Mike Rowe Celebrates Dirty Jobs

The host of "Dirty Jobs", Mike Rowe, tells about how our concepts of work may be bunk and how hard work has been unjustifiably degraded today.

How to Spot a Liar

Investing hundreds of thousands in a business? That's a lot of incentive for a seller to be dishonest.

VIDEO: Romney Says Big Three Can't Compete, Need Bankruptcy

NBC Meet the Press: As thousands of car dealers weigh their future, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney discusses how a bailout will not save the Big Three.

VIDEO: Senate GOP Rolling Auto Bailout Over Cliff

NBC: The Big Three Bailout that also impacts car franchises looks increasingly unlikely as Republicans in the Senate are digging in their heels in opposition to a plan Democrats brokered with the White House.

Blockbuster Says No to Buying Circuit City

Circuit City Stores Inc., the big-box electronics retailer with tumbling sales this year, has lost a buyer - Blockbuster Inc.