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Big Business Hops onto Small Biz Bandwagon

Small business enjoys a good deal of support among the American public, judging from favorable comments highlighted in news stories about Small Business Saturday.

Sam Walton Rises above Bum Franchise

Sam Walton in his high school yearbook, 1936. Caption is "Most versatile boy"
Sam Walton's high school yearbook, 1936. Caption, "Most versatile boy"

The founder of Walmart had to rise above mediocre practices from his first business in 1945, a second-rate franchise in a second-rate town.

Senate Rejects Delay in Capping Debit-Card Swipe Fees

Big banks (and not-so-big ones too) were up in arms against the cap in debit-card transaction fees that's scheduled to take effect on July 21, but they tasted defeat when the Senate last week voted against a proposed postponement. 

Walmart Moving into Convenience Store Business

Walmart is numero uno among big box stores. And it's no secret that many a small business has failed after Walmart came to town.