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Retail's Brand Storytelling: The Setting

As promised, I intend to pick up and continue developing the idea of how brands can best tell stories.

Convenience Stores Hold Out on Interchange Settlement

Visa MasterCard settlement

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Visa, MasterCard and major banks announced on July 13 that they had entered a memorandum of agreement to pay $7.25 billion to settle a seven-year lawsuit with retailers and merchants over card swipe fees. 

Successful Franchise Marketing and the Walmart Blip!

Let’s face it, entire books can and have been written about marketing and sales so we will not go into much detail here.  If you haven’t noticed by now, everyone (and I do mean everyone) has an opinion on marketing, including me.

Walmart Moving into Convenience Store Business

Walmart is numero uno among big box stores. And it's no secret that many a small business has failed after Walmart came to town.

Jackson Hewitt Fight With Zees Heats Up

Who's your Daddy? A federal court wants to know.