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Equifax Hack Has Small Business Owners Skittish

The Equifax hack, which breached the information of 140 million Americans, reminded small business owners of just how vulnerable they are. Their businesses are often targeted because they generally don't have the protective framework in place that bigger companies do, making them easier to infiltrate.

Small businesses often lag behind big companies in data security, not believing they might be targets. But 61 percent of the victims of breaches in 2016 were businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees, according to a Verizon survey. And experts say small companies are being targeted more because they don't have the sophisticated defenses that big corporations do.

…Many small business owners, sidetracked by other problems, don't pay enough attention, says Diana Burley, a George Washington University professor whose expertise is internet security. Many don't have staff members or vendors to monitor technology, and no plan to improve their security. — Joyce M. Rosenberg, The Associated Press [via U.S. News]

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