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Fair Go Legislation Website Release

fair goFair Go emphasizes the benefits to franchising of West and South Australian State franchising legislation while counteracting the incessant half truths, questionable conclusions and distractions coming from the Franchise Council of Australia.

Corporate Affairs spokesperson for Australia’s Competitive Foods, Mr Paul Plowman, released the incredibly informative Fair Go today.

In opposing any new legislation FCA has continually claimed, 1) rogue franchising practices do not exist contrary to evidence to Australian Inquiries and the worldwide experience, 2) existing federal legislation that ignores the critical elements of franchising abuse is adequate and 3) the regulator has sufficient power and budget to get the job done even thought its performance has ensured Australia has no meaningful level of case law with increasing levels of unanswered abuse.

Competitive Foods has also got some significant legal muscle on its side, saying legal opinions by leading QCs Malcolm McCusker and former Commonwealth Attorney General Daryl Williams have been submitted to the state parliamentary committee reviewing the proposed WA legislation.

It also commissioned an opinion from prominent Sydney SC Alan Robertson.   WAToday

Fair Go will further frustrate the FCA nonsense campaign.

Mr Plowman said the website clearly demonstrated the strong academic, legal, professional and political support for good faith, and was providing a voice for franchisees along with public support for State and Federal MPs who have advocated for reform in the industry.

Meanwhile the federal Small Business Minister continues to defy logic reciting FCA misinformation and has clearly not bothered to understand the issues;

Separate State-based franchising legislation will create uncertainty for franchise businesses, lead to more duplication and create additional compliance burdens.  Nick Sherry

Fair Go issues a challenge to every Australian franchisee in every state and territory;

Is your local MP a Champion for small business franchisees? Click here to email and ask whether your local member supports franchise reform and a fairer playing field for franchisees.

HERE is the LINK submissions to WA with wonderful misinformation, half truths and manipulation from the FCA and various FCA template submisssions from associates and questionable franchisors against the legislation and the truthful submissions on the issues that the WA Committee actually called for.

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