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FCA Bid Wright Farewell

Steve Wright is said to have resigned from the Franchise Council of Australia. One time executive director and long time Stephen Giles personal assistant, Wright had a diffiult ride at FCA.

He made a tremendous contribution to establishing… relationships with the various stakeholders across the country and also the media. With that role largely complete now, the FCA will be looking to consolidate those relationships in an environment where there’s a lot less heat. Stephen Giles

Mr Wright's reality is that his 5 year term at FCA may have been made considerably easier had Mr Giles not exploded into venimous attacks on pre-franchising reform politicians in the media. If Wright role was to placate ruffled feathers Mr Giles kept him busy while the media added to their woes with a constant of articles covering franchisee disasters and franchise bankruptcies.

Wright leaves the Franchise Council of Australia at a time when it is attempting to recover from credibility lost during a running 5 year debate in the media on the merits of installing effective franchising protect the industry's reputation or to continue on the FCA course of protecting those who abuse the franchising concept.

One rumor circulating suggests the FCA disposed of Wright in a cost cutting effort given steadily declining membership numbers.

Apparently around 2011 franchisors began to wake up that the performance of the FCA and the continual decline in prospective franchise investor numbers are linked. Hence we now see a desperate move by the FCA to capture a bigger share of the small business market.

Some of the small business groups who have been representing the interests of small business have not really focused on what we would see as core issues.  Giles

This FCA move has been hailed as funnier than the time Giles decided to take on the Shopping Centre Council of Australia. And was equally rejected.

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