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Filta Fry

This seems like a great franchise. However I've heard whispers of bad things about them, but nothing specific. Anyone got any info, good or bad, to share about this franchise. I'm going down to Orlando in two weeks for discovery day and would appreciate any info.

Editor's Note (Nov 5, 2009): Below is an official response to comments made in this public forum about FiltaFry from Jason Sayers, President of FiltaFry. Mr. Sayers, who has registered on Blue MauMau and posts under his real name, contacted me by phone to introduce himself and emailed me the posting below from a Filta domain name. I have decided to re-post his remark here in the forum description area. - Don Sniegowski

Putting the Record Straight

Having watched this blog from the sidelines, we thought it was time to post.  We don’t normally post in such forums, we have a business to run, but we felt it right to do so in this case.

Believe it or not, we are actually fans of Bluemaumau.  The fact that people can post and give their views is a good thing.  However, a few people who are intent on discrediting Filta have corrupted what is a good idea for a forum. 

We have been in business for 15 years and operate in 26 countries around the world, either via franchised or company owned operations.  The FiltaFry service was launched in the USA 7 years ago and has been received extremely well from Franchise Owners and Customers alike.

The FiltaFry service is provided to over 5,000 restaurants every week, week in, week out.  We have literally hundreds of endorsement letters from current customers, both independent and large corporate names, who love the service… and no we don’t pay customers for them.

Yes we have Franchise Owners who have failed.  Many that do leave the system which many see as failures are unfortunately through life circumstances such as illness, divorce, spouse moving job etc. We are not immune to everyday life occurrences. The general perception that any franchise is the ticket to success is incorrect.  In business, the owner has to have the right idea, work hard and have the drive and commitment (especially in the early years) to succeed.  Franchising provides the right idea for people and a proven framework and systems to help them succeed.  What it cannot do is turn somebody into a success.  It can only help.

We put the train firmly on the tracks and show initially and on-going all our franchisees how to be a successful driver. Unfortunately in reality, the responsibility and dedication needed to be a driver every day is too much for some and they slip back to sitting in the carriage as a passenger and the train has no driver – it is going to crash.

Speak with any franchisor and you will hear the 25/50/25 rule (or a derivative of it). 

  • That is 25% of the network are stars.  These Franchisees expand their business, bring new ideas to the table and generally help the whole brand move forward. 
  • There are 25% of the network that are unhappy, cannot see how to achieve success, do not want to be in business, and will do anything to show that it isn’t their fault. 
  • The remaining 50%, in the middle, are the Franchises who earn a good living, listen to advice, try and improve their businesses and should improve their skills along the way to become good business people. 

Yes, we take some of the responsibility for the poorer performing Franchisees.  We should have screened them harder to begin with and not accepted them into the system.  During the height of the economic boom it was easy to pick up business everywhere.  Even those Franchisees without any drive couldn’t help but fall over business.  In this bubble of success we, like many franchisors, dropped our guard and took people we shouldn’t have.

However, this doesn’t mean that the business doesn’t work or that most of our Franchisees aren’t driving ahead, expanding, purchasing more territories, adding vans, taking on staff and generally performing profitably.

Bear in mind that every Filta franchisee attends the same four week training program, has the same initial and on-going support and has a good territory full of potential customers.  And yes, it is hard work.  Why then do some not grow while others take-off?  Every franchisee has the same training and support, the same everything.  There is only one common denominator for failure in our business - the individual. 

In the last month alone, we have had 4 Franchise Owners renew their Franchise Agreements for additonal 5 years terms.  That surely demonstrates the success of this business.

Many franchisors get blasted on blogs such as this.  Unfortunately that’s life.  The good Franchise Owners get on with building their businesses’ and don’t have time to visit these sites (I don’t suggest they divert their attentions), while the unsuccessful ones sit and home and spend time blogging and blaming instead of putting the time into building theirs.

I will answer some of the questions and comments posted on this site.


Yes we have had staff changes.  What business hasn’t?  Every business employs people and at some stage lets them go for one reason or another.  Do all our Franchisees keep all the same employees for ever? We have a number of staff who have been with us in the USA for over 5 years and we have let staff go after only a year or two.  That is business.  

As with any organization, some ex-staff members remain bitter and feel wronged particularly when the unemployment levels are so high.  Everyone is entitled to his opinion but postings on this site, from one person in particular, are simply aimed at smearing our business. This has been pretty obvious given the postings that refer to us giving him money and he’ll stop posting.


Some of the shareholders from The Filta Group invested into, and helped run, a biodiesel business called Xenerga in 2007.  Crude Oil prices had been fairly stable but rose from $60 to $96 per barrel during 2007 leading to greater interest in alternative fuels. By July 2008 the price of crude oil had rocketed to $145 per barrel. The business took off with several plants producing and selling quality fuel. 

However in just five short months, in late 2008, oil took its biggest drop in history to $37 per barrel. This, coupled with the financial crisis taking firm hold, left the vast majority of the biodiesel plants in the USA facing closure.  There are thousands of press articles showing this.  Unfortunately, in 2009, Xenerga was a casualty of this, when two of its three plants closed due to the market conditions.  

There still appears to be little light at the end of the tunnel for biodiesel but we hope that market conditions improve one day for the many people who shared our vision and remain in the industry today.

Law Suits

In the 15 years of operating the FiltaFry business, the company has only ever had 3 law suits brought by Franchisees.  Yes, that’s 3 in 15 years.  Not bad for any franchise organization, especially in this highly litigious country.   All of these have been in the USA and all during the current recession.  I recently read an article that legal cases in general had quadrupled since the recession began, people trying to get money from anywhere.

In the US system, any party can bring a civil case another party claiming anything at all. Until it is resolved, the claim remains.

One of these is a countersuit from a franchise owner who, after not being allowed to renew his Franchise Agreement, continued to trade, affecting neighboring franchisees and the brand.  It is Filta’s responsibility to protect its existing Franchisees.  Therefore in 2008 Filta filed suit so stop the ex-franchisee trading.  The Filta Group won the legal case for the return of the equipment.  He continued to trade.  The judge ordered the ex-franchisee to return the additonal machine he possessed.  Still he continues to trade.  If this ex-franchisee, who posts as sledman, thinks the business is so bad, then why continue to trade?  You will always get these people.

Another was only in business for a few weeks before he quit.  Not exactly demonstrating the commitment mentioned above.

We are happy to discuss any outstanding legal matters directly with people.  We will not discuss them on an open forum.


Yes, we have had two versions of the machine in the USA in the last 6 years.  This is called ‘improvement’.  All of those Franchisees who follow the operations manual do not have any issues with the machine.  Do things go wrong with it? yes… it’s a machine.  Purchase a BMW or Mercedes and it will go wrong one day.    However, we have technical support on hand to assist any problems there may be.

Claims on this site about hole sizes and pressures are utter nonsense and are designed to simply smear.  Our machines work fine.


We have used the same filter design for the past 15 years.  The filters are made from paper and, as a natural product, paper quality can vary.  We had a couple of bad batches last year from our manufacturer.  Even then, the failure rate was only 20% and all defective filters were replaced to the Franchisees free of charge.

We have overcome any performance issues that arose and now have 3 different suppliers for our filters. 


The supplier of our machines in the UK, Cardev, did declare bankruptcy in 2009.  Like most manufacturing companies, it struggled in the recession.   A new UK company, with the same owners and still trading under the Cardev brand, purchased all the assets of the business (including the FiltaFry equipment), and continues to provide excellent service to The Filta Group.  In fact, 30 new machines and currently en-route to the USA as I write.  The UK supplier continues to be one of the three cartridge suppliers to The Filta Group.

In addition we always ensure that we have a fall back stock situation for any short term eventuality.


It has been suggested on this site that FiltaFry doesn’t work and that FiltaCool was introduced to prop it up.  Somebody then suggested the FiltaCool doesn’t work.  Neither could be further from the truth.

Not many companies are with a customer once a week for a good period of time.  FiltaFry franchisees have a massively unique strong relationship with their customers.  This is called a Customer Base.  Customer Bases are very valuable.  It was always our aim to maximize our relationship with these customers and provide other environmentally friendly products and services.

FiltaCool is a product that fits this niche perfectly.  It solves a problem that kitchens have with their walk-in coolers, it saves the customers money and it takes just 5 minutes to service once every 3 months.  The markup for the Franchisee on this product is 400%. This is a winning product.

There is a rival franchise out there that sells franchises to sell this product.  That franchise alone costs $70,000.  We offer this as part of our Filta franchise.

We have several more products and services that are due to be introduced through our Franchise network in 2010.  This again is improving the business for Franchisees.  Customer Base is valuable.

Anonymous Postings

As a company, we are an easy target for anybody to post garbage.  The only people who have actually posted their names on this site are existing Franchise Owners who post in defense of the slanderous remarks posted by Guest or Guest 2. 

I notice that not one of our detractors on this site actually post in their real names.  If you have truthful information to post, then you have nothing to fear from posting in your real names.  Have the guts to post in your real names or simply do not post at all.  The information you currently give is factually incorrect, simply designed to smear, and oftentimes slanderous.

Viewers of this blog should not take anything written seriously unless there is a real name given.  If they claim to be a current or ex-franchisee, and don’t appear in the FDD, then they are not. 

It is our policy not to comment on postings that do not have a real name behind them.

I see an outdated copy of a link to an FDD on this site.  If anyone is interested in this business, they should speak directly with us, attend a discovery day, receive an up-to-date FDD, and call the network for validation.

I would like to finish this posting with a saying that we have written on the wall in our offices “Do the right thing”.  We will never always get decisions right.  However, all of our staff try to “do the right thing” when making decisions every day.

Jason Sayers
President, The Filta Group, Inc.

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Any updates about Filta would be greatly appreciated.

Back to Life!

Will this board come back to Life?

Machine-Is It Yours or Theirs

Filta claims that the machine is proprietary, but states they have no patent. Once you purchase the opening package which includes the machine, is it yours or theirs?

All of the materials and

All of the materials and equipment are the sole property of the Filtagroup. As the franchisee you have paid for the privilege of using the brand name to generate your income etc. It all states this in the contract you will sign with them etc, which will run in a five year sequence.

True Filtagroup do not hold any patent on their equipment. It would be very hard to acheive this as there are other companies that provide a similiar service.    

I don't understand. If they

I don't understand. If they don't have a patent and I purchase the machine, then it must be mine. While I understand I have paid to use the Filta name, yet I also paid for the machine like everything else in the opening package.

Ford has plenty of patents, on its vechicles. When I purchase the vehicle, its mine to do with whatever I please. I can even trade it in to Toyota, no questions asked. There was nothing in the agreement that stated that the machine was not mine.

Granville_Bean's picture

Did you franchise the Ford?

Guest says: "Ford has plenty of patents, on its vechicles. When I purchase the vehicle, its mine to do with whatever I please."

Having not seen the Filta FA but taking a wild-arsed guess, I'd speculate that at most you'd be free to use the machine as an end table, but not to filter cooking oil with it. Because to get that machine you signed an agreement to only filter cooking oil as a Filta franchisee.

Because Filta sells franchises, not filtering machines.  You only have possession of a machine as part of a franchise agreement. BTW, Ford doesn't sell cars to YOU, they sell them to Ford dealers (a form of franchisee). Then the dealer sells them to you.

Based on your comment about

Based on your comment about 'Ford selling cars to Franchise Dealers' and they selling the vehicles to customers, then since I purchased the machine as a Franchisee, then I can sell it to someone else?

The point I am making, is that after I "purchase" the machine there is a transfer of ownership and interest in the machine. Filta's FA says "Filta will pay you the fair market used equipment value" for the machine. Why should Filta pay for a machine if they have interest or ownership in? Based on this quote from their FA, they no longer have controlling interest, if they are willing to pay fair market value.

So, is the machine theirs or mine?

Granville_Bean's picture

the simple answer you can't understand

"So, is the machine theirs or mine?"

It is YOUR machine that THEY have the contractural right to take back from you and make THEIR machine, as long as they pay you the fair market used equipment value.

It is YOUR machine that THEY can take, per the contract that you will sign in order to buy the machine in the first place.

How many times do we have to beat this into you, slow learner that you are?

Granville_Bean's picture

franchised to filter, not to sell equipment

We are just going around in circles.  You have set up a rhetorical question based on a false either/or premise.

But to entertain your tangent one more time, Ford franchises its dealers to re-sell cars.  They do not, for example, franchise them to resell proprietary, licensed, dealer-use-only diagnostic software.  That is why there are legislative initiatives by independent repair shops to require car makers to also make such software available to non-dealer repair shops.  The dealers pay for the software and it is theirs but subject to contractural restrictions as to its use and resale. The dealers can only use it as long as their are acting as franchised dealers, and they can't resell it (unless with permission of Ford to another licensed dealer).

You want to stop the answer at "it is theirs", so you can say "so they can do anything they want with it".  NO THEY CAN'T.  And as you have now confirmed, NEITHER CAN YOU if you buy a Filta machine.  But that's not what you wanted to hear, so you'll come up with some other simplistic rationale that since it is yours, you can do anything you want with it, since it is yours. NOPE. 

You buy the machine, but with the restriction that you can only use it per your agreement with Filta. You can't change your mind about paying Filta royalties, keep the machine and keep running a filtering business with it. You can't end your Filta franchise, cleverly sell the machine to a different person, partnership, corporation, LLC, etc. and set 'them" (which might actually be you, acting through said corporation, partnership or LLC) up in a filtering business.

It's YOUR machine that you PAID for but you CAN'T do anything you want with it, due to a contractural restiction on its use. Instead they have the contractural right to buy it back from you. You can't keep it even though you paid for it and it's yours, nah nah nah nah naaaah.

But noooo, how about I make you happy by "admitting" that it is yours because you paid for it, so therefore it is yours to keep and do whatever you want with it, because it is yours because you paid for it.  That's what you want to hear. But nooo, that wouldn't be true.

tinagleisner's picture

Success Requires Good People AND Good Territory

Jason, First I like your 25 - 50 - 25 bell curve picture of franchise owners so I want to play with that idea, with more concrete data that I understand. I do however disagree with success = individual because I've seen huge disparities in service territories where some owners get maybe a third of the real opportunity that other owners get.

Your comment about all the guess comments is also interesting. As I'm a confirmed blogger, I'm ascribe to transparency and while I understand there is some risk, it's also healthy to have this open debate.


What this about filtabio? surely this is just adding the risk involved in this business, taking 350oF oil out to a van in buckets? This could not possibly be safe?


In response to the comment concerning the danger of waste oil removal, I also have a question. Is driving a car at 70 mph safe? No, but sometimes it's necessary. When frying oil has ended its life cylce, it must be discarded. So what's safer, a rookie minimum wage employee carrying it outside in a pot, or a trained Filta technician with protective gear and equipment rolling it out in an enclosed spillproof grease shuttle?

unfortunately the filta

unfortunately the filta shuttles do not include a locking lid...

filta fry

Hauling out oil in cans is not bad if you do not fill the cans 100% and you use locking lids. Cans must be secured in van for safety. They do not go to the van at 350 degrees. The oil will cool while you are cleaning and conditioning the fryers. The oil will still be hot and caution must be noted, and safety equipment must be in place at all times.

Burns from hot oil can be

Burns from hot oil can be very serious. Oil takes only 6-7 minutes to heat up but can take 6-7 hours to cool down again (ie 60 times slower).

Manual emptying and filtering of fryers should be only carried out when the oil has cooled to at least 104 f.

It can be very dangerous if you would fill Cans with Hot Oil at the temperature of 312 f and directly fit locking lids or caps etc. As the oil cools down from within inside the Can, the Can will implode. Its all to do with internal and external pressure due to heat. 

However there is know official guidence by anybody ie not written in a Operation Manual on how much volume you can fill a Can with Oil and what the temperature should be.  


Granville_Bean's picture

that's nuts

"It can be very dangerous if you would fill Cans with Hot Oil at the temperature of 312 f"

Our stores have the waste oil power internally pumped & piped to a waste oil holding tank in each store.  It is pumped by pushing a button, no person handles hot oil.  From the holding tank it is picked up for rendering every week or so by a pump truck.  To us, to cart around hot oil in cans is JUST NUTS.

Granville, I totally agree

Granville, I totally agree with you statement and i also agree with your equipment.

I was actually referring about the dangers of Cascading Hot Cooking Oils out of fryers via a pumping  machine into Large Cans, and then placing them onto a truck directly.    


What happened to all the postings that were here regarding Ffilta fry? I was hoping to track the latest posts.

You make a good valid point

You make a good valid point Mr Guest, what has happened to all of the post? 

Below Post

While interesting, the below post by ‘filtafake’ is not exactly news worthy. What site do you know that does not place cookies on your computer? I’ve never had a problem with this site, but then I don’t engage in copyright infringement, posting proprietary information (in breach of contract) here, or fraudulently claim to have a particular function with Filta (like technician) and then go on to (repeatedly) post false and/or inaccurate information with malicious intent. (i.e., harming the Filta brand and therefore, all franchisees.) For those seeking redress as a result of this behavior, either a subpoena or more likely, cooperation from the site/ISP in exchange for a hold harmless agreement, is an easy, perfectly legal way to identify posters.

Of course, this process, including establishing which precedents to use, securing depositions, etc. takes some time but the end result will benefit all franchisees being hurt by this egregious behavior on the part of just a few. This does not mean all are plaintiffs; it only takes one to file and that information remains confidential until the appropriate parties are served.

It’s unfortunate that a few have corrupted this site with their own spiteful agenda, but it is what it is and now the legitimate folks who have a vested interest must move forward with the next step.

A new secret weapon to track

A new secret weapon to track down all the unregistered user names who do not provide their real names in this open forum. These Internet Tracking Companies are called based in the USA and based in the The Netherlands. The sole purpose of these companies who have received large fee’s from companies

The purpose of this is simply to act as a stealth submarine, scanning the oceans for surface vessels and require their own personal IP address, and report back to HQ await instructions. My Mcafee Anti- Virus program of which, could be classed as a Mine Sweeper with my sonar ball in the water. Detected Internet Network & Inbound Traffic for a number of weeks now. This has caused me alarm, because my privacy under the Data Protection Act has been compromised. My Telephone Company who provides my internet connection has been informed of the breach of confidentiality, and they agree (having taken control over my computer to confirm this ) they have banned these companies for any more infringement. If and when, I log onto this site again, they will monitor any tracking data with their own software. However, I could under legal advice seek redress if this would persist. A user has the right to post concerns or comments on this site, with out providing their real names, and keep their own IP Secure.

The above companies ping your computer through different ports to identify and attempt to require your Cookie Files, IP signature and address. However under the Terms and Conditions of Law wherever you live, they have to be very careful on how they require information and who they provide it too.

I must admit, I have been taken off my guard since joining this Blue Mau Mau Forum of which, was already alive and kicking with complaints and concerns well before I joined. I simply added more shared information, without any slander or not to smear. It was the other users who caused slander against me, ie Filtafake, Moron, Monkey Idiot etc etc.

This is not a admission that I was wrong, I strongly believe I was correct in my past post that I had written.

Finally, I would suggest any unregistered user to check their, Internet Security Settings, ie Inbound Network Traffic, and take the appropriate action. The ISP Providers will be very interested to hear if anybody has any Infringement of Privacy with this issue. The ISP will act as depth charges for you and blow these submarines out of the water.


Secret Weapon

I think the CIA or Mossad are on to you Filtatech. Maybe even the Russian GRU. Don't be surprised if Russian Speznaz forces come crashing through your door soon.

No News Update

There was a press release about the name change following the reorganization of Cardev, UK. But as usual, the couple ex-Filta losers who like to come here to make themselves feel better about their own failures, are trying to make it seem otherwise. Just pathetic!

Also, if there were any true literate folks among them, the post by Jason Sayes at the top of this page addressed this issue over a month ago!

"The supplier of our machines in the UK, Cardev, did declare bankruptcy in 2009. Like most manufacturing companies, it struggled in the recession. A new UK company, with the same owners and still trading under the Cardev brand, purchased all the assets of the business (including the FiltaFry equipment), and continues to provide excellent service to The Filta Group. In fact, 30 new machines are currently en-route to the USA as I write. The UK supplier continues to be one of the three cartridge suppliers to The Filta Group.

In addition we always ensure that we have a fall back stock situation for any short term eventuality."

We can't wait until the suit to expose these losers is filed!

Re: No News Update, etc.

Interesting that what seems to be a throw away line at the end of a post seems to have elicited such a defensive response. However, a legal action with subpoenas would result in the identity of the individual or individuals who have defamed with malicious intent to be revealed. That does not mean that their identity would be posted here, it means that those seeking redress would be able to find out who they are. If they then exposed them in this forum, it would become known here. IMO the forum itself is not to blame. It serves a purpose and it’s unfortunate that a few would try to co-opt that.

The point is that free speech is not the issue. The constitution, while advancing free speech, recognized that free speech comes with huge responsibility. Free speech should never be used to defame or slander another. Therefore, the law includes rights for those who are hurt by others to seek redress. Courts throughout the country have upheld this right, even in online cases.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Here is the detailed

Here is the detailed information from an actual expert who provides his name and qualification. This should clear up any confusion.

"The PHD Candidate (student) is testing incorrectly. Filta’s micro-filtration is based on both absolute and depth filtration.

The pre-filter basket within the MFU is used much like the skimmer in a swimming pool.

It is designed to both protect the pump and collect larger particulate before reaching the main cartridge. In this way the polishing cartridge is more efficient in both result and life.

The main cartridge or polishing filter is a cellulous based depth filter and is rated “nominally”.

We continually monitor both manufacturing processes and quality controls to insure the highest standards are being achieved.

Additionally, we periodically verify through independent test laboratories all specifications are being met.

Results from all filters we have used show nominal filtration results of over 96% efficiency in removing the particulates in the 1-5 micron range.

When using depth filters you will almost always find particulates above the stated rating. This is to say that a nominally rated “5 micron” filter unit can have particulates of a much greater size when examined through particulate counters. It is the efficiencies of the filter that is of greatest importance. Establishing how many of the finest particulates can be removed is the measure of how “good” a filtration job is being performed.

Below is brief explanation from our manual of how these types of filtration work and how we are able to achieve consistent quality results for our customers.

Introduction to filtration...

A barrier exists that will remove virtually any size solid particulate matter one would wish to remove. The utilization of the correct filtration is essential in the design and optimization process in order to -control capital equipment costs, optimizes operational cycle times, maximize overall efficiency in operation and minimize maintenance requirements. The MFU was designed to maximize all of these parameters and not just to focus on any individual benefit.

Filtration overview

There are 2 main types of passive filtration, absolute filtration (normally surface filters) and depth filtration (structures with a tortuous path). The MFU uses both types, an absolute filter as a pump pre-filter and a depth filter as a post pump filter.

Absolute Filters

Absolute filters are usually made of a metal mesh or material screen, and are usually characterized by a single thin layer of regular openings of known size. Absolute filters are designed to operate as a one-pass filter and, generally, the smaller the openings the finer the particle size retained. The main concern with absolute filters is the ratio of filtering surface area to the number of particles to be removed. When particles begin to block the openings, the liquid flow rate through the filter slows. When all of the openings are blocked the filter is blinded and liquid flow stops. Due to the uneven structure of the debris found in fryers the blinding effect is slowed down, and to a certain extent the build up of debris provides an additional filtration surface.

Obviously the smaller the size of the holes the faster is the blinding affect, with major implications for change frequencies, pressure control or pump cavitations if it used as a pre-filter.

The pre filter in the MFU is therefore in the shape of a mesh basket to provide maximum surface area and fluid is drawn from underneath to promote collection of debris in the base of the basket. The mesh holes are set at a micron rating that provides effective pre-filtration for pump protection and at the same time avoids excessive build up of debris in the post filter. The rating is set so that it does not blind too quickly when emptying a normal fryer so that additional operator intervention is not usually required. The MFU requires a pre-filter to protect the gears in the pump from excessive wear and premature failure from foreign objects. It is essential, therefore, that the pre-filter is always in place when using the system.

Depth Filters

Depth filters usually consist of a thick layer or layers of porous material containing irregular or "tortuous" channels. These types of filters are capable of trapping particles of 1 micron or even smaller in diameter, throughout the matrices.

Size for size depth filters do not blind as easily as absolute filters because they have a greater porosity and thus a greater filtering surface area. It is important to appreciate that nominally rated depth filters do not achieve their maximum efficiency with one pass of the oil through the cartridge.

The MFU post pump cartridge is a true depth filtration medium, and through the controlled tightness of the windings the surface traps particles as well as absorbing them into the fibrous structure. If it was too tight the oil flow would be restricted and the pressure required to operate the system increased, too loose and it will not filter correctly.

The aim of the post pump cartridge is to be the final particle retention barrier and to act as a polishing cartridge removing the finer particles of carbon and food debris. It is the fine carbon and food particles that are the main cause of the dirty coloration of the oil. In addition, these small particles promote early oil degradation, cause hotspots and uneven heating of the oil, as well as leaving fine contaminant deposits on future food batches.

However, the fundamental difference from the pre-filter is that these particles are distributed within the cartridge and not just on the surface. This distribution extends the service life to enable the cartridge to last, under normal circumstances, a full day’s operation. Due to the natural nature of the fibre structure distribution of particles will not be regular, and each cartridge will in a sense be unique. There will be considerable darkening at the top and the sides of the cartridge with a marked cleanliness as the oil travels through and down the windings. Larger particles that have passed the pre-filter will tend to collect on the surface area of the cartridge, but due to the pressure exerted by the pump will not blind easily. Smaller particles will distribute in the windings and will not always be visible; this is particularly the case with carbon which will sometimes look like a dark patch.

I hope this clarifies the type of filtration used and the levels we filter down to.

Maybe we can help the student with his studies. I invite the him down to Orlando to see the filtration and tests in action.

Todd Plumlee CTO The Filta Group, Inc.

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Don't break copyright laws

Please do not cut and paste large sections of copyrighted material. This breaks copyright laws. Fair use stipulation allows posters to use a few sentences to help highlight or emphasize a point.

It looked like someone copied pages from an operations manual and pasted it here.

Re: Please don't break copyright laws

Thank you Mr. Blue Mau Mau for deleting the offending post and clarifying 'fair use' regulations!

Thank you, Mr Blue Mau Mau

Thank you, Mr Blue Mau Mau for deleting the offending post and clarifying "Fair use' regulations!   LMAO .

Does it occur to you, that your Tom Plumlee CTO The Filta Group inc on the 2009-12-03 12:29. Upload onto this site a essay in writing from the Filta Operations Manual copied and pasted pages 3-10 to 3-12 of Chapter 3 heading Technical and Oil Chemistry in a responce to

HAVE A LOOK AT THE MANUAL WORD FOR WORD. These are not his own words.

We can all log onto the Filtanet, and use information for this site. But when we do, we are criticised for breaking copyright laws. Now it seems that users of this forum or the FG  wish to cry and  play the foul card.

I have been accused of been a Moron, well i am glad to say its nice having somebody else in the boat with me. Or am i been obtuse?

However, it does make good entertainment for the start of 2010. I beleive by this forum is the motto "To prosper and amuse" 



One of the rights an owner of

One of the rights an owner of copyright has is the right to reproduce, or to authorize another to reproduce, their copyrighted material. As a subject matter expert, and a representative of FiltaGroup, Todd (NOT Tom!)Plumlee would have the right to reproduce any part of their copyrighted material he deemed necessary to clarify some misinformation which had been posted here by dubious sources.

So, in response to Filtafake's question, "Am I being obtuse?" the answer is of course, YES! Moron? Well, let his posts answer that! LMAO!

How on the hell can you quote

How on the hell can you quote " We can't wait until the suit to expose these losers is filed" Do you have any evidence that these user names are failed ex franchisees, or ex employees. No you don't. That is a real pathetic statement!

To bring a suit against some body in a court of law, you need a person  name and place of address to issue such a suit. They could be living in New Zealand, or anywhere in the world. Or they could be  next door or round the block. Or it could be someone close to home, on the inside. Who Knows. What are the objectives of these people. I now see in this forum there is a  Filta Expert (  who ever he or she is. They have  taken an interest in this forum and conducted testing of equipment etc. Could this person now be confirmed as Filtatech?  Will he or she confirm this, it will make a lot of sense ot all of the previous postings posted? I note by Filtatech posting 2009-10-30 18.53 quote" I have finally conducted experiements... with my two buddies MFU". Who's buddy? How did the Filta Expert conduct testing on this equipment , whos MFU did he or she use for this purpose?

It does not take a PHD in philosophy to work it out. lol.

However, it does make good entertainment and get you in the spirit and prepare of thanksgiving.

What damage is been done to existing franchisees?  Evidence is already known to everybody, that faults lie elsewhere. I don't have any issues with my existing customers. This is open free speech forum, and people  who quote their real names or don't have to. They have  their right not too. Its in the constitution.

If you look at the heading banner on Blue Maumau, Public Forums Of Discussion 'Share franchise news, to prosper and amuse'  Come on get a life.

From the dotecengineering web site...Aphelion Interactive Technologies page - the page where the alg@dotecengineering email can be found.

Established as a division of DOTec engineering in 1999, we are dedicated to the field of multimedia web development, specifically serving DOTec customers venturing into an Internet presence.

Clearly filtration experts.

Now in fairness - it does look like the parent company DOCec does some sort of forensic engineering and thermal systems design. So it would be interesting to understand the qualifications of this individual.


Exactly where in the constitution does it state that people have the right not to "quote their real names"? lol

News Update

Cardev International Ltd who makes the MFU in England. Is now called Enviromental Technologies Ltd. If you look at their website you can see the change in address. However on the website, you do not see any information or pictures on the MFU! 

Its like Filta changing their name to Filta Enviromental Kitchen Solutions. Why the change?

Q1 Are they still the suppliers who still manufacture the MFU and provide parts and filters.

Answer1.... why does it

Answer1.... why does it matter??? so long as parts are supplied who cares who supplies them..

I am sure Filta have suppliers for parts/filters and equipment

This is not news it is just another ridiculous message with little or no point.

Its called re branding...

Its called re branding... many companies do it and for very good reasons, nothing underhand.. Like when they offer additional products when the old name will not support these new products.

It was FiltaFry, this limits the ability to offer a range of products.

So why did

So why did the most successful franchisee not renew? The franchisee with over 30K in revenue. Answer Pat:
What you are buying with this franchise is their MFU (oil filtration machine). Now I don't know about you, but $90K for a MFU is alot of money. You are not buying a brand with this franchise. Are you telling a joke? Nationally and internationally recognized FiltaFry is the undisputed market leader in cooking oil filtration & fryer management.

Re: So why did

Who are you? What is your FULL name and LOCATION? Where is your evidence that any franchisee has not renewed. There have been rumors of a divorcing couple who own a franchise not renewing but they are just that, rumors.

Are you really this stupid? You have NO credibility "Guest"! REAL posters have provided detailed factual information and all you've done is whine like a 2 year old. By ignoring all the salient points, you've shown yourself to be obtuse at best and moronic at worst. Either way, your rants are clearly irrelevant and will be ignored.

I heard about 1 in 4

I heard about 1 in 4 franchises renew. So the posting could be true.

Re: I heard...

I heard 94% of franchises succeed. Just as easily could be true!

BTW, every heard of irony? Talk about a moron! LOL

1 out of 7 succeeded in my group for filtafry that 14%

Of the 7 people that had joined filtafry and went to the week training together their is only 1 left that is still in operation. and most of the other had failed in the first year. One of those seven had made it 5 years and made very little profit. when it was time to renew they made the new contract so favored in the companies favor that he refused to sign the new contract. Then Filta stole the business out from under him and sold his territory to another franchisee for $28,000. They did not give him any time to sell the business. Do not due business with this Filta group they are liars and greedy people, they have no remorse in who they screw. their business model is only profit at the expense of their franchisees.

You must have an IQ of a

You must have an IQ of a monkey. If I were a betting man, probably 50 IQ. 94% success ratio, come on. If you bought this franchise, you at a MORON.

Success rate

You keep going on and posting about failure rates. You obviously need to go back to school and learn some math.

Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the SBA and Mr Blue MauMau himself. Take a look at the article “2008's SBA Loan Failure Rates by Franchise Brand” on this site.

Mr Blue MauMau says:

WASHINGTON (Blue MauMau) - The Small Business Administration has just released its newest list of failure rates by franchise brand from October 1, 2000 until September 31, 2008. This is a list of general SBA 7(a) and real estate and equipment 504 loans to franchise owners. It gives a sense to lenders and buyers on how well franchisees in a chain are financially able to perform. This is the list that the agency provides to loan officers of its most trusted lenders and banks throughout the country.

It shows the failure rates between 2000 and 2008 of franchisees who get SBA backed loans. FiltaFry’s failure rate is only 6%. There are more than 300 brands with much higher failure rates (as high as 85%!) including:

Athlete’s Foot - 46% failure rate
Dollar Discount Stores - 44% failure rate
Carvel Ice Cream - 41% failure rate
Blimpie - 40% failure rate
Golf Etc - 40% failure rate
Wing Zone - 38% failure rate
Kwik Kopy - 33% failure rate
Mr. Electric - 33% failure rate
Back Yard Burgers - 32% failure rate
Fast Frame – 27% failure rate
TCBY – 25% failure rate
Budget Blinds – 24% failure rate
Godfather’s Pizza – 23% failure rate
Wetzel’s Pretzels – 23% failure rate
Minuteman Press – 22% failure rate
Meineke Discount Muffler – 21% failure rate
Petland – 20% failure rate
Quiznos – 19% failure rate
Lawn Doctor – 18% failure rate
AAMCO – 17% failure rate
Chem-Dry – 16% failure rate
Long John Silvers – 16% failure rate
McDonald’s (yes McDonald’s) – 14% failure rate
Burger King – 13% failure rate
Mr Handyman – 13% failure rate
Exxon – 13% failure rate

Granville_Bean's picture

Lies, d*mned lies and statistics....

This is SBA loan default rate.  Watch out for implicit sampling bias.  For example McD: very very few McD Zees use SBA since any McD Zee in good standing has access to VERY advantageous national franchise financing programs offered by major national banks (NOT by McD Corp.).  Go to a McD covnention/conference and there will be several booths from these national lending programs, all passing out cards and hoping for Zee business.

Of the approx. 14,000 McD units in the U.S., about 11,000 are Zee operated.  How many went SBA?  Not many, I'll bet.  So if the bottom 1% of McD Zees who were in financial trouble were driven to get an SBA loan and of those 110 stores 1 in 7 defaulted on their SBA loan, well that would be 16 defaults out of 11,000 units (0.15% default rate), NOT 1/7 (16%) of ALL McDs defaulting.

Another Q: how long does it take for the default to happen?  How many Filtas have been open 3 years or 5 years?  A man-in-van Filta is a pretty small operation, seems plausible for example that someone could abandon their Filta business and then pay off the remaining loan balance from whatever job they take next.

So while a high SBA default rate can be a red flag, it takes more looking into to see what the significance is.  And the converse or reciprocal, the SBA non-default rate, is NOT equivalant to business "success" rate.  It just means the SBA loan got paid, not the the business was a "success", just that the Zee didn't go bankrupt..

And a valid comment to

And a valid comment to include is let's say you by 2 territories and have 3 routes set-up. You paid over $200K with your vans. Now it would take a heck of alot of filtering to recover your investment. The morons that post in this forum never bring up the investment. I have read postings by not to business savy franchises were it is obvious they don't understand finance 101 and the ex-franchises, most don't get this either.

filta allows more than one

filta allows more than one van in the territories you couldnt grow your business if you could only use 1 vehicle in a territory that has 100's if not thousands of potential customers.
plus 7/11 operates the same they lease you the use of everything in the store, the only equipment owned by a 7/11 franchisee is the byuilding and the built in cooler. ever notice everything in the store is on wheels, well the shelves arent... kfc the colonel used to take his pots away from franchisees that werent adhering to his standards. filta does seem to be a bit expensive but with hard work and good people skills you should do good with it. also they discourage people from being 1 truck territory as they dont make as much money when you have a truck that can only handle 6-8 accounts a day 5-6 days a week and most of those are twice weekly visits.

Re: Lies...

Thanks for your input Granville. Unlike the couple ex-Filta losers who like to post deceitful and completely unsubstantiated comments, you provided some thoughtful detail in your post.

Unfortunately, it seems to have missed the point of the exchange. Once again these losers post a completely ridiculous, unsupported statement. In response, another post stated that 94% of franchises succeed. As a follow up to that, still another poster provided some support for that statement. The fact that we’re arguing the merits of that support proves that the follow up statement has some merit while the original insipid post has none. His statement about renewal is equivalent to saying “I heard the sky is falling”.

As many Filta franchisees who have posted here under their REAL NAMES and LOCATIONS, this franchise requires some business acumen and hard work but with that, can be very successful. These franchisees who have grown their business, adding vans and territories, provide an accurate picture of this franchise and its potential. From the structure and content of their posts, it’s obvious why they’re successful!

Your post is somewhat

Your post is somewhat misleading. Most of the franchises you list above require subtantially more money to start then a home based franchise like the one in this forum. So more people are going to the SBA for financing. Therefore, if only a few franchisee's buying this franchise go to the SBA, of course the SBA success rate will be higher.

Now this takes a little more then simple math to figure out. Maybe you should go back for a basic refresher in algebra.

The person posted not about

The person posted not about the success rate but rather the number of franchises that renew after the original franchise agreeement ends.

Re: The person posted...

No, the person posted in response to a previous post "I heard 94% of franchises succeed." The follow up post to that included detailed information from an objective source which supports the 94% success rate post. Comprehension skills, anyone? lol

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