What do you do after you close the door?

Many people who have gotten to the point of having to close, what next?

How One Leaves Depends on Being Victorious or Vanquished

There are many ways to leave. You can sell a franchise and leave with money in your pocket. There are experts to help you structure selling your franchise.

You can also leave penniless, with a lot of bills. There are things that one can do to help dramatically reduce debt. The question here is how to make the best of a deal gone sour and to get on with get on with life.

on April 4th, 2008

Before you get on with life

you go through a grieving period. Which takes some time to reach acceptance. Many people are emotionally bankrupt as well as finacially ruined.

Many people will seek web sites like BMM to tell their stories to warn others about the dark side of franchising. While doing this they also are educating themselves on what happened to them.

The grieveing period is the toughest because you get angry because you feel like a victim of a crappy franchise. How could this happen? No one has ever hurt us before, ever.

How do we deal with creditors and the Landlord? We have to sell most of our assets because we have to pay all the bills for something we had for 9 months.

You then get to the point where you realize we allowed them to lie to us. But it doesn't make sense why they lied except they wanted all our money. They never had our interest at hand at all. They only wanted one thing and they got it,.


on April 4th, 2008

Where all songs are one song...


You render into L Caesar's; think and then drop onto The waste land with your fellow refugees and their poet laureates. So you die a little...


There's a world container with your name on itAnd a billion ways to go berserkWhen the country quits on you, it must be dinnerAnd the Himmler on this one is there's no dessert(He's the one who couldn't imagineall the people living life in peace.)Good news, you get to vanishGo to Cleveland, be an indie smashThe good news is now you're smallerThe bad news is you can be smaller than thatGo suck some souls, be a reader, get usedLaugh at a funeral or twoLaugh and laugh til all the chameleons turn blackLaugh and laugh til you're told 'please don't come back'Then fake incredulous, say 'I just can't believe''How'd it get this late so early'Say 'ain't life a grand and I'm in awe of you all'Then drop into your haunted bunkGo to your touchless times, out where the water's dryingGo past the 'No Attractions Past This Point' signWhat you'll find there are all flaws in progressWhere all songs are one song and that song is Don't ForgetYeah I've faked incredulous, said 'I just can't believe''How'd it get this late so early'Said, 'ain't life a grand and i'm in awe of you all'I've dropped into my haunted bunkBeen to the touchless times, out where the water's dryingBeen past the 'No Attractions Past This Point' signWhat we have here are all flaws in progressWhere all songs are one song and that song is Don't Forget.

And one song is

Never forget.


From the World Container a song/CD by The Tragically Hip, the Patron Muse of former franchisees. You will forget what they said but never how they made you feel.

Read and then, maybe, watch Gord.

Les Stewart MBA Understanding Franchising

Posted by Les Stewart on April 5th, 2008

Tax Advice

And if you have had an experience where you left without any money and a loss, please be sure to consult an excellent CPA as you will have some write-offs that can be used in the coming years that will help offset any income you make as you move forward into the next part of your life. The IRS has dozens of rules so be sure that your accountant is more experienced than someone who just fills out tax forms.

Posted by franchise vet on April 5th, 2008

No they (your franchisor) didn't get what they wanted...

What they wanted was, in spite of your opinion to the contrary, was to have roylaties paid to them for the 5,10 or 15 years of the franchise agreement and additional terms at renewals.

And I am not your grief counselor, I don't have the interest or inclination to hear your crap ad nauseum.

on April 4th, 2008


This is great advice.

on April 5th, 2008

WRONG ---Franchisor wants to grow his profits

Poster, above, is both right and wrong. Franchisors would prefer franchisees to be profitable and to survive to pay royalties for the entire duration of the contract.

But, the fact remains that the franchisors often overseed with the view of quickly growing gross sales upon which they take their royalties, etc....and they can do this without sharing in the failure of those seeds that don't germinate.

This, of course, is why franchising is so durable. Franchisors can, with immunity and impunity under our laws, overseed and benefit from the overseeding because they don't share in the failures of those seeds who don't germinate.

The whole purpose of franchising is to grow a chain much more rapidly and thus grow profits much more rapidly than can be done with conventional chains, who have to grow more slowly, because they do share in the failure of the individual units in the chain.

Your dishonest and mean post that is really crap ad nauseum makes me want to barf in my cereal.

on April 4th, 2008

I would never

have you as a grief counselor. With all you coldness how could you possibly understand what a person goes through after being taken by a crappy franchisor? If they really wanted us to succeed, why weren't they there signing up people? I can't think of one person they signed and joined. One signed and never showed up.


Royalties is not the only thing they wanted. But it is no use explaining our side of the story because you are on the opposite side.

The reason I set this comment section of BMM is so other's who have had the same experience as mine can tell their stories without being bashed like people like you. Who doesn't know how to deal with the human equation of being hurt by a crappy franchise.


on April 4th, 2008

Carman you're ridiculous....

and wrong!

on April 4th, 2008


is she ridiculous? Because she doesn't agree with you? Your the one that looks bad because you continously follow us around to bash us. We must of hit a nerve or two!

on April 4th, 2008

Carman and you are on everyone's nerves...

You are both annoying!

on April 4th, 2008

Not as much

as you annoy me. I can't stand people who will not allow people to voice their opinions in peace.

If I said all zors were all good would that make you happy? But that would be lying. Oh yes you do not care about lying because that is probably the way you make your money. Sorry I forgot money is the only thing you care about. Not people's lives. Right?

on April 5th, 2008

You can't handle

the truth. That there is a dark side to franchising. The side that hurts people. But your kind could care less about hurting people. You just can't stand our opinions. Even though we have experienced it. Hopefully you never have to experience financial hell because some one misled you. Remember if there is ever a time in the future you are hurting remember us. Because life is uncertain and you never know where your life will turn. Then maybe you will be kinder and have understanding for people going through rough times.

We are simply trying to warn people how serious signing a franchise agreement is. Is there anything wrong with that?

on April 4th, 2008

Wow you are a dull bulb!

you should try to get Carman to help you write your posts. Maybe he can create a template for you to post over an over again.

on April 5th, 2008

yes something is`wrong with it

it is`worthless dribble coming from you. basically you are saying don't be as stupid as you were. no one knows exactly how stupid you were so how do they guard against it?

on April 4th, 2008

Okay, we get it, we've all been warned....

With all due respect, you need to stop.  Everyone on this site knows your story, some of us even can sympathize, but like the little boy crying wolf, you are no longer doing anyone any good.  Why don't you sit down, write a nice long personal blog expounding the perils of becoming a franchisee, and give the rest of the people on this website a break.  Regardless of any cathartic relief that you are getting from insisting on posting the same warnings over and over and over and over, any value of your insights has long since been compromised by the sheer mind-numbing repitition of the message.  Please, please, please just give it a rest.  Believe me, by now all of us know the sky is falling and the world is coming to an end.....


on April 4th, 2008

My posting haven't been saying

the same thing over and over. Lately it's been fighting you. You are the dull bulb and arrogant bully.

on April 5th, 2008

I already told and admitted

I was stupid to sign an agreement that is so one-sided. Did I have a lawyer read our UFOC? Yes. He was not the right lawyer. I believe a good franchise lawyer could of saved us from the worst decision I ever made in my life.l

It has been written a good zor insist on their future zees to do killer due diligence. They explain to them what it invovles. Why is that stupid? That is a sign they are making sure they do what they ought to do. If a zor has nothing to hide they will do this.


on April 4th, 2008

Do Dlignce and Carman...

you are selfish an need to stop monopolizing this forum. the purpose of bmm is not for you to have your vry own personal franchise victim suuport group.

on April 4th, 2008

Did you ever think

someone that is new who has been hurt may just discover BMM?

Mufflerman you are fortunate that you found a good zor. Many people who go into franchising do not have the knowlege you have. If I had your knowledge I could of spotted a crappy franchise.

There are many people who are at the stage of closing their franchise and are in a desperate situation. Understanding what happen to them will help them see their errors. They will be able to tell the difference between a bad zor and good zor.

I am no longer telling my story but simply sharing what I have learned from advisors here on BMM. Is there anything wrong with that?

The problem when someone buys a franchise they are looking only at the dream and not doing what is the most important thing to do. Verifying if their choice of a franchise is bad or good. Is that hard to understand?


on April 4th, 2008

Dim Dull Do...

you are what you are. you cannot even save yourself.

on April 5th, 2008

you were destined to sign with 123Fit

You were doomed. If it wasn't 123Fit it would have been another opportunity. Franchisors should avoid you like the plague.

on April 4th, 2008

It isn't selfish

Helping people doesn't fall in the category of being selfish. Quite the opposite.

If you noticed this is another comment section. This is for people with real life stories of being a franchise owner.

If you want to discuss law there is a seperate discussion going on.

on April 4th, 2008

Stop and consider.....

There is a place on this website for franchise horror stories.  There is a place on this website for individual op-ed and blogs.  If you are "simply sharing what I have learned from advisors here on BMM", then others can learn the same on their own without having to read virtually the same post on every thread about every subject that even remotely relates to your history or experience. 

Like the religious zealot who attempts to thrust their faith on everyone they meet, regardless of the resistance or objection, and justifies it by saying it is their "calling" and that they are just "spreading the word of the Lord" or "doing God's work", you are becoming the most unpopular person in the room and your message is being obscured, ridiculed and ignored.  I think that result is counter to your previously stated objective. 

 Is THAT hard to understand?

on April 5th, 2008

Don't you have

something better to do than try to bash me. Did Q put you up to this? Figures. I do not care what you say. In case you don't understand plain english. I do not care what you say.

on April 5th, 2008

You do not know me

Franchisors should avoid me like the plague.

I would be enjoying my life right now and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Doesn't hurt me at all.

on April 4th, 2008

This wasn't only my idea

You have to agree when lawyers talk they talk a different language than the common people.

If this isn't working than it isn't working.

On your comment on being the most unpopular person in the room and my messages are being obscured, ridiculed and ignored. That is okay with me. The people I am concerned about are those that may fall into the same trap as I did. You and the others are doing fine. Otherwise you would be as motivated to write the same message as mine.

on April 5th, 2008

Mufflerman is right

DD: the prostelization analogy made by Mufflerman is worth considering, especially the part about being counterproductive.

Even if you are objectively correct, people are skipping your posts given the perception that you are a wingnut.

Now, I do not believe that you are a wingnut. But you are letting your emotions run wild, and that is causing a perception which leads to folks tuning you out.

Webster had a good suggestion many postings ago: do a blog outlining what you did and show what you could have done differently. Then analyze what factors were within your control, which were within the franchisor's control, and which were not within either zor or zee control.

The difference between the reaction to Quiznos and Sona MedSpa stories is in large part a result of perception as to whether the failures were within the control of the zee or zor. People on BMM are not nearly as unsophisticated as you seem to believe, nor are their memories so faulty that you need to remind them 500 times of the same story.

Paul SteinbergFranchisee Attorney, New York City, Ph: 212-529-5400

on April 5th, 2008

oh you care very much...

it's so obvious. you came here to bmmm to cleanse yourself and it is failing.

on April 5th, 2008

We all know you...

it's too obvious.

on April 4th, 2008

Do Diligence you are pathetic and selfish...

you are only helping yourself feel better and anoying the rest of us.

on April 5th, 2008

Than idenify yourself

I dare you.

on April 4th, 2008

You are entitled to

your opinion. Just like I am entitled to my opinion. If I am annoying you, it is not my intention. Maybe if you can go deeper into my writing just maybe you see there is a purpose that is noble and good. .

on April 5th, 2008

misguided and naive writing...

you should spend more time working on your life than trying to help others, in fact improving on your life would be a blessing to the rest of us.

on April 5th, 2008

I am not worried

about you. You are fine. It is those who are experiencing hard times because of a crappy franchise deal, I am concerned about.

on April 5th, 2008

you can't seem to comprehend what people are saying DD

based on your posts no amount of due diligence could save you from yourself.

on April 5th, 2008


don't worry about me. You just don't get it?

on April 5th, 2008

I don't care a hoot about you...

you are one of those who is doomed to future failures because you have little capacity to avoid the siren call of stupidity.

on April 5th, 2008

I don't care about you either

You are the one that is bad here. You could care less about anyone except your wallet. Even at the cost of doing unethical business practices to get it. I don't know who you are but I am sure you are some one I wouldn't want to associate with anyway.

on April 5th, 2008

This thread lost it

"What do you do when you close the door".

As Don said; it depends on how you went out.  Many franchisees that grew a business and gained from both a healthy income and investment return often buy another franchise.  The cyle and risk continues and for a hell of a lot of people they do very well.

All I would like to suggest in this thread regarding those who were screwed over; you never give up on yourself.  You can be bitter and angry but to wallow in the depths without building something better is a waste.  In my view you do 2 things if you do - 1) you allow the zor that screwed you to keep screwing you, and 2) you consider yourself a 'victim for life' because of that zor when the reality is that you are crossing the line and avoiding your responsibility to yourself and your family.

That does not mean for some that you don't attempt to help others but it does mean you 'get a life' that you own and you take on that responsibility.  You can be driven by franchising injustice but you better be passionate about whatever else it is that you can do well.

Posted by Ray Borradale on January 8th, 2009