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ReferNow offers an online referral rewards and marketing tool that motivates your customers to talk about and recommend your business from day one! ReferNow.com has helped business owners and sales people increase their referral business by as much as 500 percent. ReferNow.com is available for a no-risk 30 day trial from the company’s website at http://www.refernow.com.

A Reward Certificate is

A Reward Certificate is essentially a voucher for the reward/s you are offering. For example: If your reward is a “Free Massage” or “25% OFF Your Next Purchase” the Reward Certificate will act as your very own Gift Certificate. And, you can create them in your ReferNow back office at no extra cost.To create a Reward Certificate go to your back office and click on the “Reward Certificate” link, then follow the easy set up process – it’s that simple.


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