Ignorant franchisor jerk becomes savvy friend

Please tell stories of what you did to change your ignorant jerk of a franchisor into a savvy friend. Be specific on what it was that your franchisor wasn't getting.

  • Did you help contribute to the problem? How so?
  • What did it cost you?
  • And how did you turn it around?

If you have not yet turned the situation around, then please give us your best guess on what can you do to change the franchisor's position. We are looking for constructive comments.

Article to be published in November 2010

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Please try to speak about YOUR experience. Be specific. Describe what happened. Who did what? And please put on your management hat and suggest a way in which it could be done better. If you don't want to speak specifically about your own experiences, then post or link to charts, studies and graphics that support your point of view.

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Perhaps 'friend' is a stretch

But lets get some wins on the board. This is getting embarrassing.

Posted by Ray Borradale on August 27th, 2010