Hurricane Grill and Wings New Ownership...

Hurricane Grill and Wings New Ownership...

After doing some research on this brand I found out that a majority of the franchisees of this brand have mostly good things to say about this concept and new ownership. Does anyone else have any information on the new owners? From what the existing franchisees are saying it is a very good thing for the brand.

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Hurricane Grill and Wings

The concept has been growing quickly. For example, in October 2007, Hurricane Grill and Wings appeared on the top 10 fastest growing chains list.

on January 28th, 2009

So Zor or Zee

Fastest growing? Great to be the Zor. So can someone invest in the Zor? Growth of the Zor doesn't necessarily mean it is good to be a Zee. Lots of "concepts" that grew quickly ended up with many unhappy Zees. LOTS of "concepts".

I am NOT saying this one is "bad". I don't know that. What I AM saying is that growth of the Zor doesn't necessarily mean it's good to be a Zee. Be aware and beware, don't just jump on the bandwagon, oh oh oh, they are going fast, I'd better get one before they are all gone. NO. Take it easy, check it out.

on January 28th, 2009


Take it from a former franchisee of this system, there are NO happy franchisees in this system! Period! Call any of them and they will tell you to run for your life. They have 4 pending lawsuits against them for fraud, deceptive practices, fraudulent inducement and the list goes on...

Posted by Guest on March 8th, 2009

Hurricane Grill

With the new ownership in place, I'm hearing positive comments from franchise owners. Is this chain ready to take off?

Posted by Guest on November 24th, 2010

take off?

" Is this chain ready to take off?"   

Take off?  It already left.  Made the 2007 list of 10 Fastest Growing.  Is this a case of "Better luck tomorrow"?"

on November 26th, 2010