Massachusetts State Law: Can a Franchisor set and enforce prices?

I have an FDD that states the franchisor can set prices and the franchisee cannot deviate from these prices unless state law permits franchisees to do so.

I'm hoping someone know if MA State Law permits franchisees to change their pricing?

If a reference can be povided, it would be greatly appreciated!

your lawyer

What does he/she say about this?

on June 9th, 2012

Arbritary language means trouble for you.

If your franchise agreement says something like "this agreement may need to change from time to time" you are toast. (didn't look very threatening when you read it the first time, did it?) High dollar legions of franchisor attorney's write this crap into
the contract so franchisors will have nothing to lose and everything to your sweat and your blood. Franchising is modern day racketeering (blessed by and even supported by our elected official's)

on April 11th, 2015