Request for Information on Refund Real Estate, Refund Home Loans, Refund Group & Wayne Ormond

I have had an interest in real estate for many years with a small portfolio of property and I am currently considering buying a Refund Real Estate franchise. Before attending one of their information nights I would like to gather up a bit of background information to help distinguish facts from sales hype.

Apart from the official website there appears to be very little information available online about Refund Real Estate, I’m guessing that is because it is so new.
There must be information out there on these guys as the Refund Group and Refund Home Loans have been around since 2004. I guess it is just a matter of knowing where and what to look for or who to ask and what to ask.

Is there anyone out there already operating one of these franchises?
I would be interested to hear what the training was like and the level of backup support you receive.

I am attracted to the concept of giving a refund, it sound like a real win/win situation which I hope will provide a competitive edge over other real estate agents. They are promoting that will be as revolutionary to the market as Refund Home Loans which has apparently been very successful, winning awards and establishing itself as a leader in the mortgage broker industry.

I would like to know what others in the real estate and mortgage broking industries think of the Refund concept.

Does anyone have any information about or firsthand experience dealing with; Wayne Ormond, Refund Real Estate, Refund Home Loans, the Refund Group, Refund Financial Planning, Refund Property and Refund Finance & Leasing?

What questions should I be asking of the Franchisor?


did you look at the rest of

did you look at the rest of this website and see he was bankrupt when he started the company, the ACCC took him to court for misconduct.

Posted by Guest on June 23rd, 2011

OMG and doing it again

putting refund into voluntary liquidation

Posted by Guest on October 16th, 2011