Should these be reasons for concern ?

I am looking at a Franchise concept. At first it seemed interesting but then I started getting gut feelings about some issues I am seeing and hearing. Should these be concerns.

1. The concept is taken from a more solid business that this owner actually worked for and they have many more locations than this francise.

2. When asking questions to them I was told that nobody has ever asked this many questions before. They said that after I have only been talking to them for 4 months now.

3. When I initally contacted them to ask about the franchise I got a reply email stating that they had gotten my request but due to the demand for information about them and the business that they would only have time to take one call and email so it was important to make sure to keep the call time.

4. When they sent me a request for consideration it was only one page and did not ask me alot of the other things that most others I had looked at did, but it did ask how I would pay for it and had options for cash, credit, card, money order, and a couple others.

What are your thoughts on these things and the gut instinct you feel when reading the issues ?


four months???

Init says: "They said that after I have only been talking to them for 4 months now."

You couldn't figure this out in four months?

on February 27th, 2012

I didnt learn about all of

I didnt learn about all of this for the first initial talking to them, and it was not a continuous 4 months, I did speak to them off and on over the time period.

What is the average amount of time someone would spend learning and researching a franchise if it was a solid one and you had questions to ask and franchisees to talk with ? On average how much is a suitable time for Due Diligence ?

Posted by InIt 2 WinIt on February 27th, 2012

Depends on the situation

Sometimes you can tell something is bogus in abouit 5 minutes.

on March 20th, 2012