So whose fault the failures....

Here on BMM we often hear from bitter former Zees. The evil hurtful Zor, they were so mean, they took my money and drove me out of business. But plenty of non-franchise business fail too. Every darn day. Whose fault is that?

Independants sign disadvantageous multi-year leases with personal guarantees, and then fail in the first year and wind up on the hook. So is it the Zor's fault when a Zee does the same thing?

I have seen independant stores "churn" with (for example) a revolving door of one restaurant after another going in and out of the same location. No Zor to blame.

Sure, there are bad Zors. But the idea that just because it was a franchise that success was assured is a bit urealistic. And so is expecting the Zor to hold your hand, run your business for you day-to-day, or give you common sense and business savvy. Of course the irony is that the very folks who most need their hands held would be those least able to detect a bad Zor who won't do squat for them.

I could talk (again) about what to look for that makes a Zor a good value, but that is another story.