Where is your Franchisee Association?

about all the large franchise systems- Subway, McDonalds, Meineke, Pizza Hut (I
could go on and on)- the one commonality is they ALL have active independent franchisee
. Associations are key to a successful system and are only as effective
as their participation and leadership. They act as a frontline as well as a check
and balances mechanism. 

 As one
franchisee said, "the franchise gave him the basics", it’s the owners
that make it profitable. Owners (and franchisors) need to realize the business
model and support of the franchisor will only go so far and that the owners
need to step in and do their part to make the system a nationwide success.

  I am surprised everyday at the management of
smaller franchise systems (franchisors) that do not see the cause and effect of
'association = success' and demand mandatory participation of franchisees in an
independent association! 

At the
end of the day all owners and yes, even the franchisor want a profitable,
thriving system.

The systems that get the dynamic of the franchisee
associations get the market share.


Thanks for the article! "Association=Success!' Following the lead of other larger, successful franchise systems, a group of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchisee's recently formed an association, the Junk Owners Group (JOG). http://www.junkownersgroup.com

Posted by Guest on May 17th, 2010