Franchising in Australia

Hi my name is Al and I am the webmaster of an independant franchise directory in Australia. This is not an advertisement for my site.

My background has been mostly retail and customer service roles and over the years I have worked for a number of franchisees as their employee. I am now managing the day to day operations of a franchise directory and I noticed that quite a few members of BMM are from Australia. I thought this may be a good opportunity to get some general feedback and ideas for information and services the industry and the newcomers researching would like provided.

I aim to provide a site which assists the general public with researching and performing their Due Diligence as well as providing lead generation for franchise systems through advertising. 

There are a number of sites out there that cater to the Australian market, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I think BMM is a great site for franchisees to do some research and support each other before and after the time of purchase.  I have never purchased a franchise, but I have been self employed and would like to know what information and services you would provide if you you could take all the good bits from the franchising sites you visit regularly. I would like to make it easy for our visitors to find the right information.

If you are currently looking for a franchise, whether its your first business venture or your 10th, id love to hear your thoughts on what information you hunt for when researching your future franchises. What information is hard to find? What information do you want to know?

If you are trying to sell a franchise, what do you look for in a franchise directory. Is it the ability to edit your advertisements? flexibility with minimum advertising duration? easy payment plans? discounts for multiples or easy access to statistical reports? Do you want to be able to hand over the content and let an account manager take care of you? Do you want monthly phone calls to discuss ways to increase leads?

If you have a successful business and are wanting to create a franchise system, what information do you look for?

Although the site I manage is for the Australian market, I welcome any suggestions you may be able to offer.

Many Thanks,


Re: Franchising in Australia

Hi Al,

I'm new to this site and am just in the early stages of considering whether to create a franchised business in the coffee industry in Australia.

As you are no doubt aware, we have a well established and mature franchise industry in Australia, and in particular the coffee industry has a number of strong and successful franchised operations.

As a new start-up gaining exposure to and awareness of potential franchisees is a very important and often challenging exercise. Franchise directories are one way to approach this, as are franchising trade shows, we also are looking to work with selected business brokers to attract interest from their clientele. At the moment our main focus is on word of mouth and generating interest from potential franchisees who know of our current operations and wish to partner with us given what they know of how we currently operate.

My view is that it's an uphill battle to get established in any franchise market as there's strength in numbers in terms of the perception of being a successful and popular franchise to invest in when you've got good numbers of outlets on board, as well as the economies of scale achieved in training, product supply and all other areas of support to franchisees. Not to mention the greater advertising reach you can achieve when your marketing fees generated from franchisees give you a lot more buying power in all forms of promotions across different streams of media.

But certainly potential franchisees are no fools and should be careful with their due diligence before investing. There are many franchise start-ups that seem to gain great momentum that may not have sustainable business models so hopefully time will tell in regards to how to achieve traction in the market and draw the right type of franchisees to a quality operation.

I hope your directory site is going well and has been popular with both franchisors and potential franchisees. I believe that the more information that is available and accessible, the better informed decisions people can make and the better fit can be achieved in matching franchisees with the right franchise system in which they can invest.

I'm happy to hear more of your views on this if you have the chance.

Thank you.


on November 15th, 2014