Giardino Gourmet Salads Franchise

This is a Florida based franchise and I am looking into starting one out in CA. 

Has anyone ever heard of them ?  Any feedback would be helpful. 


Thanks so much!

Giardino Gourmet Salads

The good news is that the concept stresses healthy food, which is friendlier for the wealthier parts of California, Texas and Florida. Their gourmet concepts of $11 grande salads and $5 zuppas (soups) isn't cheap. Far from it.

But the bad news is that this concept is largely untested as a franchise. That means that Giardino Gourmet Salads is one of the riskiest of franchise concepts because it has just started to franchise. According to <a href="…; target="_blank">research</a>, new franchise chains go under at slightly higher rates than the astronomical rates of brand new independent businesses. A few years and a hundred or so stores later, it will then start to understand franchising, but that may be too late. By any chance, do you which consulting firm set up the business to begin franchising?

Of course, you might hope that you are on the ground floor of the chain where you can tell the franchisor what to do and to obtain large swaths of geography to get rich if the concept catches on.

If you aren't a restaurateur, you are disadvantaged and can easily be convinced by salespersons and their new franchisees to get on the bus. What you should do is work in the system for six months first.

Support will be a major issue. Giardino has a few stores based in Southern Florida but it has nothing based in California. It should pick franchisees in regional cluster spots close by, such as Orlando or Atlanta. Its staff would be hard pressed to service small pockets of franchises on opposite coasts. It has no franchise disclosure documents registered under the Department of Corporations in California.

I assume since its Florida support team doesn't understand Southern California, that they will have you provide it three locations that you think is best. Like a multiple choice test, the Floridians will decide what commercial property it thinks is the best choice for SoCal.

You need to know the landscape so purchase marketing reports from Technomic or elsewhere on trends and long-term prospects of the salad market. Participate in industry trade groups and franchisee associations to mingle with other franchisee restaurateurs to get insights into the industry, gourmet salads and the franchise brand.

Posted by Guest on December 19th, 2009