Referral Rewards Program Built my Clientele & Generated $$$

I signed up three months ago, and while it takes some getting used to, this month I have 10 new referrals! You have to leverage your existing contacts, and they have tools for sending out incentives and coupons etc. The benefit of using the service is that you can track who is sending your incentives on to others, and this is how your referral base grows. It's working for me, I recommend others check it out. Once you've earned and asked for referrals the next step is to REWARD. Even though all three steps are crucial to this System, I really believe that REWARDING might just be THE most important step in the entire process.Once I signed up with ReferNow I was prompted to create my referral reward program. It was fun and easy to use. You’ve used a coupon before right? Well, here’s how the program works. With the easy to use set up wizard…You Customize your coupon campaign.There are a few things you are going to create;1. Your going to create your coupon. This will be the offer that your customers can give to their friends, who will use to do business with you. It could be “Free shipping, 10% OFF…whatever you like. The coupon wizard will help.2. Next, Create a reward. This will be your thank you gift that you will be offering your customers for successfully recommending your business.Once you have created your coupon. Your clients can now either print or email your coupon — “to any friends or associates that have an interest.” Those friends…use the coupon to do business with you. When they do, you simply enter the coupons unique code into your ReferNow back office….and the customer who referred them—instantly receives points that they can redeem for any gifts that you’re offering. (Discounts, gift certificates…anything you want).And that’s when the referral sales start rolling in. It’s all tracked and monitored automatically online for you. And your customers have a FUN place to go to view their points, rewards, and to continue recommending your business.With the easy to use set up wizard…you can be set up and running in 45 minutes or less.Check it out at