SEP Networks: Brand Control and Unity within YOUR Network - 100% Digital Asset Control and Dynamic Web Pages

Hello everyone. I am looking forwared to engaging in discussion on these boards and hopefully meeting some new people.

I am very excited to have a front office solution for home-based and small business franchises in our product Netgen. This solution will control all of your digital marketing, print marketing and web pages. Giving you the ability to tie them all together and create email campaigns with lead management and so much more. Your IT, martkeing, and printer cost will go down while giving you complete control over your brand and full transperancy with each franchisee.

The best part is you will have the tools to give to your field so they become succesful. Your brand is only as strong as your weakest link and Netgen will bring all that together.

For more information take a look at our website or discuss with me on this thread. If you think you have something like this in a opensource, or CRM application your are truely in for a surprise. I have yet to find something of this nature that is not going to cost you multi-millions on the enterprise level.

I look forward to chatting. Thanks for your time.


Who are you selling to?

What's the difference between your marketing solutions for home offices that is different from Constant Contact?

Why do you say "within YOUR network"? And "with each franchisee"? Are you targeting franchisors in implementing this, or individual franchise owner-operators?

If you are targeting franchisors, which it sounds like you are, you haven't done your marketing homework. This is predominantly a franchisee site.

Posted by Guest on December 10th, 2009

Yes, selling to the Franchisor. You are right!

Our marketing solutions give you  "full circle marketing" with automated constant contact.

I understand this is majorily a franchisee site. There is nothing wrong with giving franchisees the information to see what they are missing. It does not take very long to post on a message board and plant a seed which in all possibilities could create a demand from the franchisee level to the franchisor level.

I would love to engage in more information on our product if you were not listed as a "guest". Have you had the chance to visit our website?

Thanks for the response.

Posted by SEPNetworks on December 10th, 2009

just more spam

Spammer with some corpo-speak buzzwods and a logo.

on December 11th, 2009


Your website does not work. I tried to access

Posted by Guest on December 14th, 2009

I don't know what to tell

I don't know what to tell you. It works great. Try the cleaning software I mentioned above. Thanks.

Posted by SEPNetworks on December 15th, 2009

No Spam here. I use

No Spam here. I use Superantispyware and Ccleaner. Very good programs actually. 

Posted by SEPNetworks on December 15th, 2009


Really?  We are a legitimate business with a real site, real software that solves real problems. Thanks Mr. Bean.

Posted by SEPNetworks on May 12th, 2010


"Really?  We are a legitimate business with a real site, "

A "real site".  Wow.  Yeah sure that makes you a real legitimate business.  Even Nigerian scammers can have websites.  Big foofin' deal.

SPAMMER, quit while you are behind.  You will sell to nobody here, you're just setting yourself up for more abuse every time you post.

on May 23rd, 2010