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Ok, I'm a little forum/blog impaired. Here's the question. Let's say I've been away from Blue MauMau for a few days. How do I access the comments that don't appear in the right hand column?

It's probably simple, but beyond me! Thanks

Help your "MOM"

Mom, you're not the only one.

Some folks (including our beloved Mr. MauMau) are a bit more adept at navigating this site. Ever since only some of the comments show up on the front right column, I can't figure out how to read everything that has been written since last time I logged on.

I think it depends on whether the first posting is classified as an "Article" or a "Forum", and if it is classified as a "Forum" you have to click on a button on the front page and then guess how long it has been since you were on last. But there is also a separate list on the right side that appears and so if you have been on recently, that should give you everything you haven't read yet.

Bottom line: I share your confusion, and I also think that is why you see these "orphan" postings in the "Forum" section--- nobody can find them, so nobody comments on them.

on October 26th, 2007

Oprhan Comments

Mom and Paul; check out my post How to Access BMM 

Michael Webster PhD LLB

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Posted by michael webster on October 30th, 2007