System Problems: Please Do Something!

I just wonder how do you guys plan to take care of all this spam from your forums... I really think you should do something about it, otherwise you will lose all the readers... I am almost gone...

Checking the Problem Now

Thanks. The spamming in the last few days is definitely unacceptable. Darn spammers!

We're now checking our anti-spam software, which should have caught it. We greatly appreciate your patience. Frankly, we took our eyes off the ball in the last few days because we have been working hard on launching a much upgraded website shortly. The blogs, forums, personal page, member ratings of the blogs, polls, book reviews and other community functions are the very best that we have seen in the franchise world -- in our humble opinion.

The changes will be announced shortly. It's anti-spam function is also greatly improved over this site.

This has been an alpha-site, which is a fancy way of saying that we anticipated glitches but needed a good idea of how the community wanted to use the site. Now that we have it figured out, hang on because this site is only going to get better and better -- with your input.

It is our hope that those participating in our forum now will be the leaders of this site. We greatly appreciate your insights into franchising. Greatly. And please continue to let us know what functions you like or don't like in this community.

One thing we already know we don't like - SPAM.


on April 6th, 2006

How Do We Zap 'Em Back?

Zebiandi's got a good point. The spammers got into the community's force field and went haywire. I guess it's the price of this site rising in the rankings and getting popular. But those spammers are the kiss of death if they get in.

I see it's cleaned up now. Do you have these turkey's IP addresses? Is there anyway we can zap them back? Anyone got any ideas?

on April 6th, 2006

Post Hyperlinks and Not Long URLs

Just a quick note to the community. Really long URLs cause the right and left columns to be squeezed to very thin blocks. Please use the "chain" button on the editor bar when you post to turn words into hyperlinks.

e.g. This is user friendly, and this isn't:

Mr. Blue MauMauSite Umpire

on January 18th, 2007