Critical Thinking: Before you sign on the dotted line.

After being a victim of a rogue zor, I had a burning desire to understand why and how we were taken so easily.  I spent 3,000 hours studying the "World Of Franchising."  I believe I understand how we were taken.

Recently I have experienced a personel tragedy.  The loss of my mother.  My goals remain the same.  My mother and I suffered the last two years because all was lost, because of doing business with a bad zor.  The zor was associated with Quiznos.  That in itself says a thousand words.

In Feb. I got accepted to a University.  My goal is to become a paralegal and specialize in franchising.  It was only a few days after starting classes my mother passed.  I only went through a few classes.  The class was "Strategies For Sucess." I loved all the knowledge I obtained from the course.

I believe future franchise wannabees really need to understand the principles of "Critical Thinking."  It is very much a part of due diligence.

The first principle of "Critical Thinking" is to "Think."  What is fact, and what is opinion. In our personel experience there were mainly opinions.  People from the working world would think OPINIONS are indeed fact.  Business decisions are not based on opinions.  They are based on facts.

Example: 123 Fit-  The Best 30 Minute Workout In the World.  This is not fact.  It is an opinion.  In fact, I have tested the 30 minute workout.  There are many good workouts.  Fact:  30 minutes is not enough for people.  I worked out at Curves, but needed to jog and do DVD workouts at home.  Today I workout up to two and half hours a day, with one day off a week.  Eating is very much a part of loosing weight.  You have to increase activity and eat to increase your metabolism.  Muscle burns more calories than fat.  It is important to figure your fat percentage range.  Your goal is to be within your fat percentage.  The more fat your body has the slower your metabolism is.  The goal is to speed your metabolism.  That means the ugly word, discipline.  You need to exercise and eat to speed your metabolism.  The key is get rid of fat and build muscle.  I lost 30 pounds doing this.  You feel better and look better too.

If I had used "Critical Thinking" I would KNOW that express work outs do not work.  It works for some, when they don't eat as much. This slows your metabolism down. The key is to speed it up.  Is 123 Fit the best 30 minute work out?  NO!!!  It is an opinion not fact.

Before you sign on the dotted line remember the first step is to "THINK." Really think, is the salesperson's verbal disclosures fact or opinion?