Hiring the Right People- Business Advice

Business Advice
ByDinesh Boaz, Managing Director, LocalConnex

Hiring the Right People

Your employees are your biggest asset. Following are some hiring tips for business owners:

• Look for talented individuals who show enthusiasm and interest in your industry. Have they researched your company? The industry? Your competitors? The general landscape of the company? A candidate that comes fully prepared for an interview is more likely to succeed within your company.

  • Is this person trustworthy? Is this someone you see working well with your clients and working well with your staff? You have to be able to trust this person to get things done and fulfill their job expectations so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

• Look for people who have shown commitment and growth within each company they have worked for. Having relevant experience is great, but a candidate with too many previous employers may be a red flag.

• Look for well rounded people who have a passion for life as much as their career. They will bring their vast experience and life skills into the workplace and will offer diversity.

• Contact their references and find out how this candidate works with other people? What kind of management do they require? The ideal person is someone who needs your guidance but can think on their feet and execute in line with your goals.

• Has this candidate had any experience working in a small business environment? Usually small businesses encourage employees to wear many hats. Some people thrive in this environment while others may find the pressure leads to stress and inefficiency in meeting deadlines. Is this candidate ready to work in a small business environment?

By streamlining the hiring process and developing hiring guidelines, you will provide yourself with more time to grow your business and increase your client base.