Looking for a franchise?

It has been many years since we were taken by a franchisor.  I have studied endlessly on why and how we were taken.  I have written our story over and over here on BMM.  My sincere hope is no one will ever have to go through what we did, and many of our fellow franchisees.

I have come up with a conclusion to what will pervent the fleecing of thousands of victims in the world of franchising.

I have had the opportunity to discuss many of the issues with people connected with successful franchises.  I have had the opportunity to discuss business with people who are successful without a franchise.  It has been interesting and educational.

Conclusion to my investigation:

Franchisee wannabees should never converse with a franchise salesperson, or the franchisor.  You need to have representation from the beginning.  (Franchise lawyer.)  This will eliminate emotional decision making.  Which will ultimately be your demise.  If you cannot afford representation, you have no business purchasing a franchise.  Successful franchises have representation.  All contracts are legalities.  Most laymen do not understand what contracts imply.     


If you are going to buy a franchise then definitely you should consult a franchise consultant so, that you can get exact match of business for investing according to your needs. Professional franchise experts have years of knowledge and experience and they can guide you whether you can get profit from the earnings or not. Apart from this they can give advice to potential franchisee in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. For more details related to franchising you can visit this profile <a href="https://twitter.com/Rod_Hindmarsh">https://twitter.com/Rod_Hindmarsh</a…;

Posted by jennysmith on April 17th, 2013