Looking for a supplemental Insurance company referal!

I run a relatively small two store franchise network with about 20 ish employees South of Boston MA. I'm looking for a referal for a Supplemental Insurance company (accident, life etc..) For my employees. I am unhappy with the customer service of the company I have now. It would be great if someone out there in a similar situation, but likes their company could forward some contact info to me. Thanks!

wish ya luck

I wish you luck getting some useful info.  I too joined this forum thinking there would be helpful discussions relating to the operation of franchised businesses.  But what I found is that it was mostly a place for disgruntled former franchisees to "tesitfy" as to how they were scammed.  That and people who've never had a franchise asking which one to buy.  Very little as to current operation of a going concern.

I can't help you as we use a program offered to Zees in our system by a major name-brand insurer.  A voluntary, optional program, the Zor does NOT make anyon use it.  But we get Accident and Life as well as Health through the same program.  It's just for our Zees, not "all" zees so wouldn't help you.

on January 6th, 2010