Media Coverage for Franchisees

A discussion of media and its role, or lack of it, in providing informative news to franchise investors.

A Bad Sign of Things to Come for the WSJ's Startup Journal

Questions for the New Owner of the Wall Street Journal

If the investor looks real hard at the right-hand column, he'll see a small space for video interviews. But you have to squint real hard.

  • Does anyone see anything strange about the coverage of franchising in the Startup Journal?
  • Where's the hard-hitting franchise news?
  • How come the few articles in the section are surrounded by so much propaganda and advertisement?
  • How come the International Franchise Association has so much control over the page?
  • Is this an early sign of what will become of the Murdock Corporation's new Wall Street Journal?
on October 31st, 2007

Rupert not to blame

Since he has just taken over it is doubtful that Rupert Murdoch is to be given blame or credit for anything yet.

I did look at the main Franchising page, and got nothing like the page you got. I got a page that was filled with news stories, including the lead story by Kelly Spors: Four Danger Signals When Franchising. A good article, quotes Mario Herman on lost future royalties, discusses litigation, etc.

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on October 31st, 2007