One of the things you can do after you KNOW you have been fleeced.

When we discovered we were fleeced, and knew that it was too late, I contacted the Washington State Dept. of Financial Institutions, Securities Division.  Our case is closed because 123 Fit never got off the ground.  They are no longer selling franchises here in the state of Washington. 

To those across the country who sincerely do not want other's to be taken, they need to contact their state's financial insitutions, securities division.  This is where you can file your complaints.  Our system is backwards.  Until there is a crime committed there will be nothing done.  I do encourage people who experience unethical business practices in franchising to file a complaint if you have experienced misrepresentation and gouging by your franchisor.

If you live in the state of Washington and have experience unethical business practices with a franchisor please contact:

Martin Cordell, Financial Legal Examiner

Washington State Dept. of financial Institutions

Securities Division

P.O Box 9033

Olympia WA. 98507-9033

360-902-8772, fax 360-704-6932

1-877-RING DFI (745-4334)

If there are many complaints about a franchise, I am sure they will look into this.  They have the power to stop rogue franchisor's from hurting people in our state. 


This should be stickied!

The sucess rate is bad enough but thrown in the scammers and businesses who truly care about one things themselves! Anyone know of a database for the rest of the states!

Posted by Dave on January 19th, 2013

no no noooooo....

Please no, we just recently got her to STFU, she is such a tiresome whiner.

on January 19th, 2013

No one got me to stop writing.

I just got busy.  You STFU.  I see your still the same.  Beany the one who trys to make anyone who disagrees with you feel they don't know anything.  I have news for you there are thousands of people who were and are still experiencing the aftermath of rogue franchising.  You I know could care less.   

on January 20th, 2013

you're wrong.

BJ claims "You I know could care less. "

No, actually I couldn't care less. You English composition skills are as poor as your business ones.

on February 15th, 2013

I could care less what Beany says.

He has been one pain in the butt.  

I still believe what I've blogged on BMM.  You seem to think it is alright to misrepresent people.  It goes on all the time, and people need to know that many rouge zors are out there to fleece you.  Taking responsibility for MANY lies that were all over the interenet is not good business.  I don't do business like that.  I know several successful ethical business people and I have a deep respect for them.  Having a free ride to hurt people, then saying it is your fault you believed us is awful.  I don't care if you believe it is our fault.  The fault lies with the thieves that took many peoples lives away.  We're going on eight years.  I just want people to know what can happen if they do not move slow.  Don't trust franchisors who make it sound easy.  Nothing is easy.  

I know you will come back at me with insults.  The truth is I don't like you either.   

on March 7th, 2013

I still read on here.

I do not consider my past writing as whining.  I am just telling people the truth behind franchising.  I am sure there are a few good ones.  Not too many.  After 7 years I hear many people say they know now how franchising can be bad for your financial health.  

on January 20th, 2013

Civility for all

Everyone: Keep the posts civil. That includes not using vulgar acronyms and names like whiner. That's just asking for a "flame war".

Dave, I'm not sure why no one answered your question instead of name calling. It's not a hard question to answer. Here is a list of the few states with franchise regulators. You can also go to the North American Securities Administrators Association (NAASA), where state franchise regulators are members who oversee "consumer protection" in franchise offerings. In other words, NASAA considers regulating franchise buying activities as consumer protection. So does the Federal Trade Commission.

on January 20th, 2013