People Need Rose Colored Glasses In Order To Survive

On a radio talk show a professor from England said, "People need rose colored glasses in order to survive."

After studying on Blue Maumau I have tried to be a realist because I believe it is the rose colored glasses that made us sign a franchise agreement.  When you have rose colored glasses on when you read an FDD you are not looking for misleading statements.  You need to take them off in order to see the words that are red flags.  The FDD is the most important thing to understand before you sign on the dotted line. 

It is because of my rose colored glasses I have been able to perservere and do what I had to to survive.  Without an optimistic attitude I believe no one will progress.  Is there a time to take off the rose colored glasses and a time to put them back on?

I believe this professor is right on in his statement that people need rose colored glasses in order to survive.  We need a positive attitude to excel.  

If you are with a good zor I believe you will see their intentions are good.  They will want you to succeed and achieve successful franchising which is a win, win deal for the zor and zee.

If you are with a corporation that is into selling franchises and not seeing their zees succeed all the positive thinking will not make you successful.  This is harsh reality. Be careful while you are in business. Rose colored glasses will make you put good money after bad All the horror stories here on BMM is a testimony to people suffering from scams that leave you in desperation.  Never allow yourself to get in a desperate situation therefore get that emergency fund put away in case you need to exit. The counselors on BMM has said time and time again to work in your choice of business for six months.  When you are there take off those rose colored glasses.  Make sure you watch and listen.

Remember with an abundance of counselors there is safety.  (Franchise lawyer, CPA and other business counselors.)

If you have been stung by a rogue zor the rose colored glasses  is needed to get back in the saddle of life to achieve again.

I do believe what the professor from England said, "People do need rose colored glasses to survive."  Without them you will not achieve goals. You will never enjoy life and people will not want to be around you.  Bummers are no fun.  Go out and have fun.  Just know when to take those rose colored glasses off. 

I put on my rose colored glasses today

What a difference it makes.  Whenever I started to focus on how hard it has been because of being taken by a bad zor I noticed my attitude was bad.  I worked hard to control my thinking.  I actually accomplished alot today and even managed to laugh and enjoy most of my day. 

I even read a contract today and managed to see a couple of misleading statements that is similar in our horrible franchise agreement.  The contract said "When you pay the fee it is fully earned."  I saw the word shall in one of the clauses.  They verbally disclosed if they were not able to do what they say I will get my money back.  Tomorrow I will add an addendum to the contract that is concrete.  It will say, if they do not do what they said they will give  us a full refund.  I will also insist they take out the arbitration clause that states if we have any dispute we will mediate on the phone.  They had a clause that arbitration will be in the city they are in  This may be a deal killer.  If so, oh well.  It made me smile.  All the time I studied was not a waste.  I can see the misleading statements.  If they say no then I believe it is a scam.  I also spent most of the day investigating the company.  I also talked to people who I know who verified their representations.  My gut feeling is they are telling me the truth after talking to many people. 

The university of BMM has been a great school.  Thank you BMM.    

on August 13th, 2009

I took off the rose colored glasses when reading the contract

I continued to research the internet. 

When a company ask for money up front before doing their services do not not sign on the dotted line.  If a company says hurry because it  may be too late do not sign on the dotted line. 

It was not my gut feelings speaking it was my head telling me this will solve my problems because what they told me verbally.  On the contract they do not guarantee anything.   What my gut kept telling me really was, "The contract had similar statements like a franchise agreement.  Don't do it." 

Rose colored glasses back on.  I have alot to be grateful because of the knowledge I have learned about contracts.  It really gets the salesperson frustrated.  I know I have protected my family.   

on August 14th, 2009

I did talk to a lawyer to discuss things on a contract

I read yesterday.  He agreed with my conclusions.

  The company I was talking to said the contract was written to protect them.  I replied, "Do the people doing  business with them have a right to protect themselves?"  They never called me back. 

on August 14th, 2009

I am a burned zee. Will it scar me forever?

I am talking doing business with anyone.  We all know that thousands of people are modifying their home loans.  I have been getting conflicting stories from different companies.  They all tell you what you want to hear. I am being extremely cautious.  What amazes me is they all say , "Trust us."  One man I told him, "How many times have I talked to you on the phone?  Only four times." 

I believe being a burned zee will make me wiser in business. 

I am convinced many people don't have the time to do effective due diligence.  That is why you need a professional to help you.  Due diligence when buying a franchise is all consuming when done right.   Only EXPERTS can help you.  Unless you want to spent over a year of constant studying to understand the FDD.  Still you need to understand all the implications on a Franchise Disclosure Document.

I am going on three weeks  doing due diligence on loan modifications.  I learned:

1.  Many loan companies and banks are misinforming people about getting a loan modification.

2.  Be careful there are endless stories on the internet about people getting scammed.  When I say the contract is similar to a Franchise Agreement it is.  They even have a clause that states anything implied outside of the contract we did not rely on.

3.  They rush you and tell you the average person it takes them twenty minutes to get an application. If this is so God help them.  People taking advantage of desperate people.


Now I will start my day upbeat but cautious.



on August 21st, 2009

I think it has

Scarred you forever.  Yup.  But yet you are still messing with crap "concepts"?  Why even get to the FDD if the "system" is a scam to begin with.

on August 30th, 2009

Scarred but not destroyed

Do you honestly believe any person would sign on the dotted line if for one second they thought it was a scam?  Thanks to the internet people will be able to get more informed before signing.  Thanks to the internet people can share their horror stories.   

on August 31st, 2009

It's those glasses

The rose colored glasses keep the people from engaging their BS detectors.  People SHOULD take a year to learn the industry they are contemplating entering.  Can be more infomative and perhaps less expensive than engaging more & more expert consultants to do your thinking for you.  You do realize that an expert consultant could toitally protect you from doing any bad deals, by talking you out of doing ANY deals AT ALL.

We brought our own spreadshets on our own laptops to our franchising negotiations, didn't ask the Zor to please show us on the back of a napkin.

on August 31st, 2009

We need the bs dectorors to protect ourselves

Greeeny you are dead on about rose colored glasses. 

It has been a major hardship because my husband and I are not the type of people to hurt anyone.  In fact we want the best for everyone.  We want the country to come out of the economic woes we have been experencing. 

One thing I have learned is how much waste there is.  I will NEVER take for granted anything.  I am determined to make this bad experience and turn it around and make me a better person.  I will never walk by a needy person ever again.  I will always have compassion for those who are going through a hardship.

It makes sense that zors who are after you are a scam.  Zors that are sought after there is a wait. 

on September 1st, 2009

It has been several weeks since I put those rose colored

glasses on again.  It works.  I am still very cautious.  If anything I can see misleading statements on all contracts.  Interesting how people respond to my many questions.

I am grateful for all the knowlegde I optained on BMM.  It was costly but worth every moment I studied on BMM. 

on September 19th, 2009

Holy Hell, Granville!

I will bet you $1000 that Borradale took her to a hypnotist.

Posted by Tom G on January 9th, 2011

Greeny the question

"Why even get to the FDD if the "system" is a scam to begin with, is not a very bright question.  Do you really believe if we believed we were getting scammed we would of even entertained the concept.  MANY people got scammed.    The way an FDD is written is strictly in favor of the zor.  Is it that hard to believe the people who got scammed NEVER believed for one moment 123 Fit would hurt so many of the zees.  Not just one but most of them.  I would say about 99% of the zees got hurt.  It is bad franchising that gives it a horrible name. 

I miss my life being in a comfortable situation.  Do you honestly believe we wanted to give that up?  I was situated in my 30's.  I never ran out of money.  I am sure many people who bought into 123 Fit were well off. 

I am managing our money and I am quite good at it.    

on September 19th, 2009

Granville, this is serious

It's clinical? Can you imagine her husband? My God Almighty! He must have been Atila the Hun in a previous life.

Posted by Tom G on January 9th, 2011

Did you lean that after 1000 hours, 2000 hours, or 3000 hours?

Pleasee advise? You just leaned yesterday what UFOC stood for as sen on the Anytime Snap thread

Posted by Tom G on January 9th, 2011