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This is a forum to talk politics. I know it isn't franchising, but what can be better than to gather with fellow small business entrepreneurs and thought leaders to discuss how current events will affect us?

The McDonald's of All Presidents

In reading this discussion, I could not help but wonder who is popularly considered the greatest of all presidents. Of the top 5 greatest presidents ever, Americans have weighed in that Virginia and liberal New York have given this country our most brilliant leaders.

George Washington (Virginia), Thomas Jefferson (Virginia), Franklin Roosevelt (NY) and Teddy Roosevelt (NY). After that comes a suburb of NY, New Jersey's Woodrow Wilson.

LBJ is ranked 14, one above Reagan.

And who is the McDonald's, the #1 leader, of all presidents? Illinois' Abraham Lincoln. Illinois, coincidentally, is also the home of McDonald's Corp.

on September 22nd, 2007

Political Discussion With Fellow Entrepreneurs

I know it isn't franchising but I enjoy talking about politics with fellow entrepreneurs and small business thought leaders so I created a forum for political discussions.

That's not to be confused with arguing for government regulation of franchising. This discussion is marginally related to franchising; namely, what party or government would be most helpful to small biz entrepreneurs or parts of the Constitution.

on September 22nd, 2007

 Oh my, my...Lincoln?  

Oh my, my...Lincoln?   He is my wife's favorite President.  I on the other hand attribute most of the modern problems of our political system directly to his Presidency.   So it makes for curious conversation as we home school the youngens.  And less people read into that statement something unintended I am referencing Lincoln's disregard for the Constitution.  Unfortunately, Lincoln's Presidency set the precedence for future Presidents to disregard their duties of office as they saw fit and selectively enforce their duties of office as they saw fit.

I rate Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Jackson very highly for various reasons.  

And I rate LBJ and the current El Presidente Bush extremely low.   



on September 22nd, 2007

Presidents and the Constitution

It might be useful to know that the Constitution is deliberately general and somewhat vague in order to facilitate it's ability to be adapted to a changing world without the necessity for constant amendment.

It is customary, however, for many whose views are strongly held to dislike that aspect of Constutionality and to claim that variant policies from that which they preferred represent a perversion of some Constitutional mandate or other.

Very conservative folks like to refer to the "intent of the framers" of the Constitution as some benchmark to be followed, usually to support an argument that nothing should ever change. The "intent of the framers" is strongly expressed in the vagueness aspect for the very purpose of accomodating changes without revision of the text itself.

It is a constantly reliable principle that the more specific one makes any mandate, the easier it is for the minds of the devious to circumvent it.

As a Texan who loves telling stories, some of which may be partly true, vagueness works for me. I also prefer the easy accomodation of change. So long as change is mandated or ratified by an electoral majority, it is change made in a democratic model. I may not agree with the change, but I may also change my mind when I see how it works out down the road.

The framers of the Constitution dealt with a very limited world compared to our present circumstances. The ability of the Constitution to accomodate that development is a wonderful facilitator of its continuing viability.

Now that we are about to bomb the bejaysus out of Iran by Christmas time, I am grateful that our Constitution can accomodate without disintegration of the socio-political order all the exigencies with which we will have to deal in the near future.

As for your opinions of W, nothing is facilitating the actual attempt to do something about the problems of fossil fuel dependence like $ 100 a barrel oil. The more the oil cartel can use the instability in the Middle East as an excuse to raise prices, the faster some of our most awful climate problems will be addressed.

War, like drunk driving, is not as bad as some folks say.

Richard Solomonwww.FranchiseRemedies.com

Posted by RichardSolomon on September 22nd, 2007

Where Is Waldo?

I have a good friend, let's call him Waldo, who thinks Lincoln is the worst of American presidents in his use of Constitutional powers. His favorite president in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution is Jefferson Davis - who, with his cohorts, came up with their own Constitution lickety split.

Anyone want to guess in what part of the country Waldo lives?


Trivia: Waldo is not very far from Sona Medspa and Tasti-DeLite HQ in Franklin, TN. Speaking of which, Franklin is the site of a major Civil War battle. A lot of Southern generals got whooped there. Because of that battle, some call the pretty town of Franklin the valley of death.


on September 22nd, 2007

You need to look at Ron Paul then

I agree with you about Lincoln, and its why you need to take a look at Ron Paul. I read Richard's perspective on the "flexibility" of the Constitution, Well Richard I'm afraid you are letting the trained lawyer in you let you think that way. Sure, the Constitution's very design allows for it to be changed, but until it is it should be interpreted as absolutes constraints on what the Government does. "Shall not" means never never never, not well unless the US is going through a rough time and the President is sad, so lets pass a law not allowing people to wear t-shirts that make him sadder! Of course as lawyers, you don't pass laws that directly violate the Constitution, but they circumvent it, going against the very spirit or the "original intent" as you say.

Throughout Ron Paul's career in Congress, he has tried to stop this kind of action. One bill that he pushed for that I would have loved to have seen passed was a simple one. It simply said that any proposed put up for vote would have to site the Constitutional provision that ALLOWS for that proposal. Pretty simple, and yet most of Congress was opposed to it - gee, I wonder why?  

Posted by palibertarian on September 22nd, 2007

Pretty Bad

"War, like drunk driving, is not as bad as some folks say."

Drunk driving is pretty bad. War ain't so wonderful either. I prefer the alternative.


on September 22nd, 2007

  In reference to Richards


In reference to Richards post entitled "Presidents and the Constitution" I though the following would be apropos:


On every question of construction [of the Constitution] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), letter to Judge William Johnson,




on September 22nd, 2007

Libertarians In Our Midst

I just saw an interview on television that Alan Greenspan regards himself as a Libertarian Republican. Below is a different, lighter side of Greenspan speaking to a younger audience. Now that he is no longer the chairman of the Fed, his utterances are understandable again.)

And then there is Hillary Clinton. Yes. Believe it or not, she comes from a family of conservative libertarians. She was a volunteer during college for Libertarian Republican Barry Goldwater. Her conservative, individualism politics changed at the Miami National Republican Convention in which Nixon was nominated in '68. She became a Democrat.

I've listened to Ron Paul and I must say that some of what Republican Libertarians say make a lot of sense.

on September 22nd, 2007

Geez, Bob

The quote of which you are so fond was inserted into an otherwise serious text as sarcastic, attention getting humor. It is my way of symphonizing the margins of seriousness.

As you wander through life, my brother, may this always be your goal. Keep your focus on the doughnut, and not upon the hole. 

Richard Solomonwww.FranchiseRemedies.com

Posted by RichardSolomon on September 22nd, 2007

Ron Paul

Here's one more video from an interview with Ron Paul. He's an extreme candidate who adheres to an ideology of eliminating most federal departments. It sounds like he would get government out of the hair of small business (e.g. He'd like to abolish the IRS). Take a look.

on September 22nd, 2007


Jefferson wouldn't say that if he were here today. He spoke when there were no serious changes in anything, including technology and the significance of the foreign entanglements of which Washington warned us. Illustratively, there was no global military/economic energy fixation. There were neither cars nor planes. The Middle East was not even a speck on anyone's agenda. He was almost 200 years before Hitler and had no prefiguration of the Communist movement to be afoot in Russia 150 years later. Nor had he any inkling of such things as atomic energy or space travel. He was free to focus upon his crops and his inter racial sex life. He led a charmed life.

Richard Solomonwww.FranchiseRemedies.com

Posted by RichardSolomon on September 25th, 2007

Donuts and Life

Yes, I see the wisdom of your ways - try to get one's mind off the hole and focus on the donut. Hmmm, do I have to?

on September 22nd, 2007

Ron Paul's District

Belinda and I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in Ron Paul's district. He is the perfect representative of the folks there. Brazoria is a fabulously wealthy (collectively speaking) area. The petro chemical industry has provided full employment forever. Who doesn't work for that industry, thrives because of it by serving those who do - like doctors, pharmacists and lawyers and accountants. Folks know each other. Belinda hasn't lived there for over 30 years, and the folks sitting at the table next to us in WhatABurger yesterday were friends of some of her high school classmates from West Columbia, Texas. One of her high school classmates has an independent BBQ operation and caters BBQ to Conoco-Phillips down there.

The rest are farmers who have done really well, with a lot of subsurface minerals pouring monthly cash into their credit union accounts. The farmers are heavily into investment portfolios. The land there along the Brazos and San Bernard River leading to Matagorda Bay at the Gulf of Mexico is being bought up for a bloody fortune by big city folks who want to go fishin three weekends a month and enjoy the water and who live an hour away in Houston.

They firmly believe that they don't want or need any GD gubmint folks tellin 'em what and why and how and where. They don't realize (or care) that some gubmint programs have probably contributed to their well being.  Al Gore and Satan are the same word there. Anything that enhances the propsperity of the petrochemical industry is just fine, and if war becomes a pricing tool, why so be it.

Ron Paul tells 'em that gubmint is evil and they keep sending him back to Washington.

Belinda and I are so fed up with the influence of the religious right that we "claim" to support Ron Paul because he doesn't like to have to listen to anybody and neither do the folks in his district. We know he aint gonna be President, but we are happy just to wear our Ron Paul shirts and show our Ron Paul bumber stickers, rubbing it in the faces of the right wing extremists of the Rupubican pervert driven party. (Gays aren't perverts. People who persecute gays, pretending that they are not gay, are perverts.) We did the same thing with Kinky Friedman when he ran for Governor.

Belinda owns a bunch of property along the San Bernard that she inherited from her father who was mayor of Brazoria, and the last two weeks have us thinking it might be nice to consider putting our happy selves amongst folks who think like we do - We know how to get along in a laissez faire society, so leave us the hell alone.

There's BBQ and lotsa cold beer if any of y'all care to drop in and talk potty mouth stuff.

Richard Solomonwww.FranchiseRemedies.com

Posted by RichardSolomon on September 23rd, 2007