Wannabees, Has Beens, Disgruntleds & Vendor/Consultants???

So who is on this forum?  I only joined recently and am disappointed that it seems like my topic title says.  How many here, are NOT disgruntled, actually have a franchise unit or units, and have been making their living at it for years (like we do)?

Franchise or not, you still have to RUN YOUR BUSINESS.  Franchising itself is not inherently good or bad.  I could say more, but who am I talking to?

Wannabees, Has Beens, Disgruntleds & Vendor/Consultants


 Yup; that pretty much covers it!

Well, except for a few attorneys, a couple of journalists, a franchisor or two, some franchise consultants....

Outside of that, you have it covered.

I hope your not disappointed.

Posted by Ex Zee on August 18th, 2008

Dear Gruntled franchisee,


  • What is it about this arena that attracts such LOSERS?
  • Have these people no shame or self-respect?
  • Don't they know that only worth as a human being arises only from success?

Why do they embarrass themselves so?


Born Losers: A History of Failure in America, Scott A. Sandage, Harvard University Press, 2005

What makes somebody a Loser, a person doomed to unfulfilled dreams and humiliation? Nobody is born to lose, and yet failure embodies our worst fears.The Loser is our national bogeyman, and his history over the past two hundred years reveals the dark side of success, how economic striving reshaped the self and soul of America.

Although desperation and regret bind together losers from all eras, concepts of what it meant to fail evolved over time. -- Legal History Blog review

"In his intriguing new book...Sandage argues that the mid-19th century saw a redefinition of failure--from something that described a lousy business to something that defined a whole life." -- The Economist (UK)

"Sandage has done a marvellous job exploring the dark side of this peculiar American gospel: the blithe judgment that failure reflects a personal defect, that want is a species of sin, and the insistence that the sources of wealth and poverty lie entirely ‘in the man’." -- London Review of Books full review

Les Stewart MBA Understanding Franchising

Posted by Les Stewart on August 18th, 2008

Disgruntled or Gruntled Franchisee

Disgruntled or Gruntled 

I believe certain issues and topics on this site create the atmosphere for arguments to take place. That being said, not all posts in disagreement are disgruntled posters. 

If you fail in one aspect of your life but succeed in others, are you still a loser?

Posted by Ex Zee on August 19th, 2008

Success is primarily due to investor effort/skill/character

Ex Zee,

I believe this is the most serious false assumption in North American franchising today.

In my opinion, luck has a great deal more to do with meeting franchising financial objectives than most people appreciate. We are being Fooled by Randomness: We think we are much more rational than we really are.

  • Man is a meaning-making animal. We want to believe that hard work, skill and preparation are key determinants to achieving our goals. Control is good; luck is bad.

In some settings, success is caused rationally. In others, that is an illusion.

Maintaining a fiction can, however, be very profitable .

Les Stewart MBA Understanding Franchising

Posted by Les Stewart on August 19th, 2008