Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness

I have always wanted to own my own business and I have a fitness background and have been considering Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness. Neither one are in my area so I can compare them by visiting them in person, only what I gather from my research. Does anyone know anything about either that would help me in the decision making process? Thanks!

Re: Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness

go with snap fitness.....i run and manage the personal training program at one in florida and i have nothing but good things to say about the company

on March 17th, 2008

Anytime verses Snap

Very interesting comments. I am glad I found this website because I had been thinking about buying a Snap and it appears that even I (being careful and untrusting) need to be more wary before I decide to get onboard. Snap's founder also promotes himself (like the Y does) as a Christian establishment. I am uncertain as to his reasoning behind it but it seems like a marketing strategy and does not sit well with me.

on December 26th, 2007

Frustrated Snap Owner

I own 2 Snap Fitnesses and I am really starting to become frustrated. I was sold on the fact that Snap is much quicker and easier to break even. Well, I am at break even in both clubs, but can't seem to make any actual money!

Everytime I start getting close and get the memberships above 250, the summer comes and the cancellations begin. I can't afford to do more advertising or to pay my employees to cover more hours, so Im stuck.

Snap corporate does not seem too worried about this, just about selling even more areas within 2 miles of me, even though Im not even making any money! Im starting to think that corporate is happy as long as I dont go out of business, but they could care less if I ever make any money.

I have talked to numerous owners in the same boat, so do your research. Im sure there are some Anytime Fitnesses in the same situtation, since they are also selling franchises way too fast! Its way too big a risk to take, not to make any money.

Dont get sold on the low start-up costs and quick and easy break evens. Go to some tiny town with no competition, which is what I should have done.

on March 27th, 2008

Snap or Anytime

I would vote for Snap. I also have looked around for a workout facility and I found that the setup, for me, was better at Snap than Anytime. Plus Snap fitness gave my local owner the option of having a second location in an adjoining city while Anytime cut another local businessman right at the knees by putting another franchise 12 miles to the north of his current location and 7 miles, in an adjoining city, from his current location. You do the math.

JWW in Iowa

on August 24th, 2007

Why ask on the internet

I am an owner of one of the questioned franchises. I will not say which one because it is your decision to make. Anyone can disguise themselves as an owner - happy or mad about the support of their franchise or their success. Instead of throwing caution into the wind with internet questions, do your homework by calling current owners of both. Call many and call different areas because all areas will differ on their experience. You have simply created a mini war between the franchises and that is not going to help the industry as a whole. Best of luck to you.

on September 8th, 2007


You are all responding to a fake subscriber who is not in the fitness industry but has created this blog website or works for them so that it will create traffic because of this fake question about wanting to buy a franchise. What person actaully asks on the internet knowing that practically ALL responses are fake anyway!!! COME ON. Look at all the ads on the page and the other other so-called "questions"

on September 8th, 2007


You are all responding to a fake subscriber who is not in the fitness industry but has created this blog website or works for them so that it will create traffic because of this fake question about wanting to buy a franchise. What person actaully asks on the internet knowing that practically ALL responses are fake anyway!!! COME ON. Look at all the ads on the page and the other other so-called "questions"

on September 8th, 2007

Anytime or Snap?

Check out what kind of support you will receive on a corporate level. As a current Anytime franchisee, I feel that there isn't a good enough support at the corporate level to help franchises that are struggling. If you open your doors and bust out 200-300 members in the first couple of months corporate will brag about that success, but if you follow the business plan and only produce 100 members in 5 months you get locked up in the closet like the red headed step child. After investing my life savings and flying the Anytime flag for over a year I was expecting more support (like someone flying out from corporate to analize my market and come up with an marketing plan that would cater to the unique demographic I'm in). I'm also learning that there are more strugglnig/closed Anytimes that corporate informs prospective franchisee's about. Maybe Snap has a better support system.

on June 26th, 2007

Snap vs. Anytime

Snap has a higher franchise fee and the Anytime royalty is not that much higher, question there is, put a little more up front or pay a bit more over time-what are your more comfortable with, put less up front and risk less. I would also look at the equipment- Sanp only has one line Cybex- people can loose interest very quickly when they have limited choice. Very common to have turnover in the fitness industry, the club with less selection will have more turnover- not good.

Snap has grown very quickly- which is not always a good thing, Look at the sub sandwhich places- Quiznoes, Cousin subs, Subway- Quiznoes expanded to quickly had to close locations, Subway canabalizes off each other - looks like Snap will do the same, clubs will be fighting over the same members, and where has Cousin subs gone. A lot more people eat out then work out! Someones going to fail.

Anytime Fitness is working with other billing options- the franchise listens to the franchisees. Snap is very "cookie cutter". Anytime allows the franchisee to have a lot of say in how they want thier club to look- customers might like that too- more variety.

on July 1st, 2007

Fitness franchises

I have heard of Anytime, but not much on Snap... You are on the right track to check them out in person. Compare what each system has to offer- what's most important to you? One system may offer stronger start up training (including on-site help) over the other. Talk to franchise owners that have been in the system the longest, as well as the newest. Franchise systems change over the years, where they are at now is the most important, but understanding where they came from (and what they have changed to keep up or better the system) is an indicator of the relationship they have with their franchisees. Do you have any 24 hour gyms in the area (non-franchise), do you know the concept works for your area? Just curious what lead you to the 24 hour type of gym over the others out there.

on May 31st, 2007

Anytime Fitness Franchisees Pay Back Their Loans

Anytime franchisees have a very low rate of failing to pay back their Small Business Administration loans. According to the SBA, zero percent miss paying back on their SBA guaranteed loans.

Lady of America fitness centers are listed as the second highest in franchisees not having enough money to pay back on their SBA bank loans. Snap Fitness is not listed.

on May 31st, 2007

Snap vs. Anytime

Snap Fitness has a MUCH lower royalty fee than Anytime Fitness. Snap has a flat $399/month fee no matter how many members you have. Snap also transfers funds to the franchisee on the day the funds clear the ACH process. Anytime Fitness utilizes the concept of 'float' which means they delay your payment by a week or two and gather interest on your money.

on June 4th, 2007

Smelling an opportunity with Snap

According to today's Orange County Register web blog, Snap fitness does not require contracts. While that might entice folks to sign up, isn't this an issue given how prone people are to stop paying the monthly fee? How many new sign-ups actually stay?

BTW: The article also mentions that the OC gym will not have showers. That's a bit too much cost-cutting for me! Will they at least require lots of deodorant be worn?

on October 22nd, 2007

I have no idea why anyone

I have no idea why anyone with a fitness background would want a franchise.    What innate value does the franchise bring?  You don't know what efts are?  You don't know where to buy fitness equipment?  You can't hire fitness pros to design unique fitness programs?  The only value I see in the franchises is to the patrons who travel frequently and wan the transferability etc.  Other than that, roll your owns do fine.  I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but I am pretty sure you can find a retarded monkey that could design one of these.    These things all scream "me too" and you are paying for a brand in a market that for the most part is brand indifferent.  Then again I say that about many concepts out there.  Funny though, I still hear the sound of coins jingling in my pocket which is far more than I can say about the “zees” of so many "me too" concepts after a few years.

Since you are soliciting advice, here is some very simple advice.  Unless there is legal barrier to entry, say for example a patent on a process, or there actually is a brand that consumers have a demonstrated preference for that manifests itself in more customers (For example both Subway and Quiznos are brands to which customers have a preference, however a $1 off coupon, a shorter line, a more convenient location, or simply the preference of the group at large is more than enough to sway most people, as such their brands are useless), a referral system that strongly benefits you as a member of that network over being and indy, or a business where new techniques and new go to market strategies are constantly needed I suggest you forget franchising.



"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."

on August 11th, 2007

Manage and Train

So you have to manage and train in order to make a living at Snap???
This should tell everyone something. What fitness center have you even been to that the person selling you a membership is also the personal trainer. Do you really have that much free time to train? If so, then sales must suck. If not, then your training clients get the shaft or you barely have any.

Do you know what the investment of your Snap was? Do you know what the break even number is? How much money is the owner making at your location? Do you know what the average owner of a Snap makes? These are important questions that a manager/personal trainer probably doesnt know, but should if they are recommending someone invest in one.

I own Anytime Fitness and my manager will make 60,000+ this year. I also have a personal training program that will bring in well over 6 figures. This is at one Anytime Fitness location. Are you telling me this is possible at your Snap?

on March 18th, 2008

J.C., franchisee?

Joe, I agree with you, and if you take a look at other postings on this board you will find other examples of "Christian" franchisors.

The only time I ever saw a franchisor who seemed to have a serious commitment to religious beliefs for their own sake (not as a marketing strategy) was the Auntie Anne pretzel folks. They don't discuss much publicly, but the founder was quite serious (albeit privately) about running the franchise in accordance with personal principles.

Alas, far more common in franchising is the Jim Amos "jesus-wants-you-to-be-a-franchisee" schtick.

on December 26th, 2007

Smelling an opportunity with Snap

As far as Snap Fitness not requiring a contract, I would check with the Franchisor about that. If they do not require a contract, and their membership rates are above $30.00, then I personally would be worried about membership retention. This is based on my own experience as a Gold Gym Franchisee for close to 5 years. When someone stops using their membership, even if they do have a contract, they always try to get out of that contract. I personally got tired of going to battle over this type of membership issue.

on February 3rd, 2008

Snap ----Think about this!

Understand that the franchisors earn royalties on your GROSS SALES and not on your profits. They have every incentive to encroach with new units close to you because they INCREASE the gross sales ---even as they thin out your profits by reducing your gross sales. Two units standing at breakeven produce more gross sales than one unit standing with a profit. If units fail under this scheme, the unit can be acquired for nothning by those franchisees who remain standing.

Franchisors are not in business to make profits for you. You are in business to ensure profits (royalties) for them based upon your gross sales. They get their profits whether the franchisee is operating at a loss, breakeven, or profit.

Franchising is all about growing networks rapidly and increasing gross sales for the franchisor, who bears none of the risk and expense of building and operating the franchised units in his network that lease and wear the brand name.

This is why I say that franchising is the best thing since slavery for franchisors ---because they can maximize their profits rapidly because they minimize the risk of building physical units and OWN their resource, the franchisee, under contract until "death do you part."

on March 27th, 2008


Really bad advise! You save more money with a franchise due to their buying power for one. Two Independent centers have a 50% failure rate. DID YOU READ THAT 50%!!! Anytime has less then a 1% failure rate Snap is much higher but they lie like snap normally does. My friend has an independent center and is about ready to close up and he has done everything in his power.

on November 2nd, 2007

I love the fitness business

but my personal experience has taught me that a fitness business is not worth the investment. We opened a 123 fit. I loved the product. But the build out was our demise. There are so many fitness franchises these days. There is so much competition that many are closing their doors. I am impressed with the fact that you are breaking even. Yet working many hours to not make anything really is discouraging.
I know of clubs that have been opened for two years and are just breaking even. (That is without build out cost and very low rent.) And this particular club is in a small town.
There are factors to consider that people have good intentions to work out. Yet you cannot make them get that "Stick to it mentality."
I found the people that I thought were forever committed to working out actually were the first to quit.
I miss the business but it wasn't worth losing so much money. And we are paying for it today.
I wish you the best and hope you make some money with this. It hurts to work for nothing.

on March 27th, 2008

Any Snap Growth

The real question to be asked, in my opinion is; are these 2 franchises growing too damn fast?

I have seen franchise systems grow way too fast, and crash and burn.


Anyone ever hear of an outfit called Shape Express? It happened there... I have recently given some unsolicited advice to an  Exec. Recruiting outfit, that is franchising. I suggested strongly to slow things down on franchise sales, and take a break for a few months. Build some infrastructure, start looking at the details of your current franchise owners. To no avail. I shared similar concerns when I was a member of Frannet with some franchise companies Frannet was trying to sell franchises for. I left.



Posted by franpro on November 3rd, 2007

I own a Snap

I was very excited and thought I knew what I was getting into. I worried about Fitness 19, Lifetime Fitness and Anytime Fitness....little did I know that my biggest bully and competitor would be Snap Fitness itself. We have been manipulated and surrounded by fellow Snap Fitness can just feel the money start to dry up everytime a closer location is is horrible!

From my expeirence they just want growth at the expense of the hardworking owners just trying to breakeven! On top of this I keep hearing bad things about the ownership of the franchise from other store owners, past/current vendors etc...all and all it is very frustrating and heart breaking when you think you found a business you really loved to only learn your literally just a number in the cog....isn't that what business ownership isn't about?

on August 22nd, 2007


I don't know what "fake subscriber", fake website or fake responses you are talking about.

If you mean Blue MauMau, then go ahead and pinch yourself. You aren't dreaming. This is real. Sometimes life has wonderful surprises.


on September 8th, 2007

i totally agree. I too am a

i totally agree. I too am a current anytime owner. everything said above is correct. i will leave anytime when my contract is up

on July 1st, 2007

Not true

With the web and advertising fee it is really 499.00

on September 11th, 2007


Anytime is does make money off the float and doesns't grow quickly. I think all fitness franchise owners are eating their investors...I have met many IPO rich owners of anytime extpecting 50% returns after going public. Peter, was equally fleecing of his franchisees, but I can't put anyone in a good spotlight from what I know. Just telling it as I have seen and heard.

on September 27th, 2007

Flying from corporate???

If you pay less than $6000 a year in franchise fees, you can't seriously expect someone to fly out, stay in a hotel, and for corporate to pay their wages while they help you figure out your business.

If you can't write a decent business plan, and consult with your franchise consultant over the phone, don't open a franchise business!!!

on November 18th, 2007

Um OK?

I struggled with my first place to I had about 100 members after the first 5 months. Did it suck? Yep! Did corporate help when I asked them to? Yep! They gave me every idea they could think of They helped as much as possible without actually sending a sales team which obviously they couldn't do. Did I get through it? Yep! Am I smarter for it? Yep! Is it the companies fault if you ultimately didn't do a good job and fail? NOPE! You got into it knowing what you were going to have to do and you failed. The problem with our culture is that we always have to blame someone. Well look in the mirror cuz you are to blame.

on November 26th, 2007

Um OK?

I struggled with my first place to I had about 100 members after the first 5 months. Did it suck? Yep! Did corporate help when I asked them to? Yep! They gave me every idea they could think of They helped as much as possible without actually sending a sales team which obviously they couldn't do. Did I get through it? Yep! Am I smarter for it? Yep! Is it the companies fault if you ultimately didn't do a good job and fail? NOPE! You got into it knowing what you were going to have to do and you failed. The problem with our culture is that we always have to blame someone. Well look in the mirror cuz you are to blame.

on November 26th, 2007

AnyTime Fitness has been around for 5 years...

Anytime Fitness has been around for 5 years. Of course you will see info on this since they have been around longer. The reason Snap isn't listed is simply due to time, they have only been around for 2 years! I am lucky enough (or unlucky) to live in Minnesota! You have the founder of Snap Fitness, Lifetime Fitness and Anytime Fitness within 2 hours of each other. I looked at them all (well Snap and Anytime) and still shop clubs all the time. I think I have been thru 120 clubs in the last year.

Here is basically what I have gotten out of the owners and employees of these clubs...this includes Lifetime, Gold's Gym and even Bally's...which is obviously hurting right now...although I see a huge investment opportunity if Bally's can make a turn around (stock is at .50 cents).

Overall most Snap owners I met like their business and club support, but feel it is hard to make a lot of money owning one club. Secondly, due to the growth rate they are starting to hurt existing clubs by moving other clubs to close together. I am seeing this already with our location in Brookly Park...we have a club that is closer than the 4 mile radious (previous owner was paid for this) and another club not far from this club nestled between a Fitness 19 (charging much less). Our location is fine tucked deep into a neighborhood enviroment, but the other 2 clubs in my opion are in deep trouble since they not only compete with stiff competitors, but themselves...which unfortunately cuts into our marketshare and pricing... It is hard to charge 38.00 plus enrollment fees when another Snap franchise owner 3 miles away is charging 19.00 and no enrollment fee! I do think their should be a bottom to what pricing is charged to avoid this.

I hear the same sort of thing from Anytime owners as well. Many that we met with were not happy with Corporate support and felt they were way to relaxed on standards of the club. I felt most clubs looked good with great equipment, but if any owner wanted to put crappy equipment in the club, there really wasn't much to stop them from doing so. Also, the contract situation with Anytime is a huge issue that gets them into trouble. It is hard to collect on a month to month contract with someone that wants out of your club...try doing that with an 18 month contract!

on July 2nd, 2007

Lady of America

As I recall, Mario Hermann in Maryland had some experiece with this franchisor; I would talk to him before you get into LoA. I think he is at, and (301) 607-4111.

on May 31st, 2007

Lady of America ---Check out Failure Rate

Be sure to check out the "transfer column" in the UFOC and count all transfers as business failures where perhaps the original first generation franchisee lost their entire investment.
Maybe you can investigate "used" if you are in love with the concept and considerably lessen your risk.

on May 31st, 2007

Anytime or Snap

I have been with Anytime for 3 years, and the support is outstanding. There was a Snap that came into my market, and has since closed its doors. No contest folks... Person above is probably a snap owner in disguise

on July 31st, 2007

Anytime and Snap

Anytime royalties can be much much higher than Snap. They take a percentage of profit, and I doubt they are looking into other billing options. Apex is their billing vendor, and the owner of Apex is one of the founders of Anytime.

Anytime listening? I disagree. Also, with Snap, you choose between Matrix or Cybex. The "cookie cutter" concept is to help the brand look the same, and that helps franchisees be more successful.

Some snaps will fail, some anytime's will fail. What I can tell you is that franchisor support to the franchisees is second to none at Snap Fitness. If your club is under performing, they will get involved.

And to the person who acted like a monkey could run a club. Go pull statistics on independent clubs and success/failure rates. This business is not field of dreams, and it certainly isn't for the faint of heart.

on October 23rd, 2007

Snap Fitness franchise

I co-own a Snap Fitness that has been open for about 9 months now, and we are doing well. We hit our "break even" in less than three months, and were 100 memberships above "break even" in about one month after that. We are in a somewhat affluent community with two local gyms and a YMCA for competitors.

I can't comment on the differences between the continuation fees and such, as I haven't investigated Anytime that thoroughly. One negative I have heard about Anytime Fitness is that the franchisees can put in any equipment they want, new or used. While that is nice since the franchisee can save money, it doesn't create any sense on continuity between the locations. All Snap Fitness locations look pretty much the same, which I feel presents a cohesive image.

Currently, Snap offers two choices for equipment, Cybex and Matrix. We have Cybex (the other two we could choose at the time were Precor and Nautilus), have found their support to be outstanding, and the equipment is excellent (granted, we have been open less than a year). As for Snap's support, I found that is has gotten better since we opened, as they have a 24 hour support line available to franchisees, which is extremely helpful. If I need to, I can call Peter Taunton directly and talk to him.

I do feel it is designed to be a multi-unit concept...I know some franchisees do well with one location, but I feel owning multiple locations is the best path to being successful. We will be opening our second and third locations, likely before the end of this year.

Hope this info helps. Good luck in your search.

on August 9th, 2007

oooooohh....12 miles away.....

Seriously??  7-12 miles away is cutting him off at the knees??

Do a little research on the industry.  85% of your market comes from within 1 MILE of your facility!  If 12 miles hurts your're operating an IKEA...and not a fitness center!!

I have an Anytime Fitness in Iowa...and I have THREE other Anytimes within a 4 mile radius.  And guess what...that club kicks ass!!  On top of that...our brand is MUCH stronger because of it!!

Don't be so scared.  If you fear competition in ANY're in trouble.  

Posted by Scott_Richardson on October 24th, 2007

Re: Snap or Anytime

Take a look at the Snap locations- In the western suburbs of the Twin cities they are at times only 1 mile away. Snap does not care about it's franchise owners. They have started the policy of anyone can work out anywhere all the time. This looks like a going out of business sale for the franchise owners.

on March 12th, 2008

Snap vs. Anytime

I would not call it much lower. Anytime Fitness has a flat $419/ month, which is only a $20/mo. difference.

on June 12th, 2007

Snap Fitness vs Anytime Fitness

I am a member of Anytime Fitness. I have had more trouble with their billing company(APEX) than I can write about. When I did some research on APEX and Anytime I found this link. It is from their own hometown news.

on June 12th, 2007

Snap vs Anytime

I looked into Snap and Anytime. When I sat down with the owner of Snap (for 2 hours one on one) I was like WOW this is great until...I was lied to not just once but twice about how Anytime does biz. Oh yeah and with Sanp they dont protect you as a franchisee----how you ask....well if you buy a snap in any town usa and there is bobs gym in that town the bobs gym owner can also buy a snap in the same town on the outside of your territory of your snap and be your compition with bobs gym and snap...

When it comes to Anytime I was not just able to meet the co founder I met all there staff...I have been a franchisee now for awhile with Anytime and I have learnded alot about the fitness industry. I am not sure about this talk about lack of support maybe you should choose to be active in the you go to there sales training...are you apart of there conferance calls...did you go to ther 3rd you even read the phase program...I could be here all day.. get involved dont expect them to do it all for you your not retired...are you?? Anytime has had some rough goings but with adding new another billing compnay your beef with apex is over now you have you to blame no more apex.. make the choice on history...history shows that Anytime and there founders now how to run a successful health club..unlike peter who had to close his and keep billing member..nice

on August 11th, 2007

Fuwa's new Motto for IFA

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."

The SBA Patriot Express Loan Initiative is counting on this "truth" that is known by the IFA to keep those hot franchise deals rolling and to stoke the fires of development for the economy that is getting cold.

I always read FuwaFuwaUsagi's comments because he tells the truth about franchising and doesn't pull his punches.

I hope that if they sell a lot of dog and pig franchises to Veterans and their spouses that they remember the government taught these targeted VETS how to carry guns. If they are destroyed emotionally and financially by some of those vehicles for fraud on the SBA Franchise Registry who give VA discounts. they might not do a BOB BABER and destroy themselves and instead go after the bastards.

OH! Better watch out. Dale and FranMASSter will be out here asking Mr. Blue Mau Mau to cite me for inciting violence.

on August 11th, 2007

It was written: I always

It was written:

I always read FuwaFuwaUsagi's comments because he tells the truth about franchising and doesn't pull his punches.

My reply:

Contraire Monsieur Guest, trust me ol' FuwaFuwaUsagi has been pulling his punches.   If you got me going on what I really thought Mr. Blue Mau Mau would ban me for sure.  

Guest writes:

they remember the government taught these targeted VETS how to carry guns.

My reply:

As more or less a descendent of those who tamed this land I understand the sentiment. 

It was written:

not do a BOB BABER and destroy themselves and instead go after the bastards.

My reply:

It is apparent to me the Mr. Baber sacrificed himself to benefit others, I do not think I would have been man enough to temper myself as he did, I probably would have lashed out at my antagonists, which ultimately may have given me great personal satisfaction but most likely would have discredited the very cause.  

It was written:

OH! Better watch out. Dale and FranMASSter will be out here asking Mr. Blue Mau Mau to cite me for inciting violence.

My reply:

Join the club, but his forum, his rules.   



on August 11th, 2007

Anytime Fitness

Check out Anytime Fitness in Northern Virginia -- like Vienna -- They love their clubs-- Ask the owners or the members---and no Im not from corporate!!!

on August 13th, 2007

Break Even?

Do you consider 100 members above break even doing well?

Im not even trying to be negative, just wondering if that is what a Snap owner considers a success?

on March 19th, 2008

Anytime Fitness is the way to go, hands down!

First we need to get some facts straight.  Yes, AF has been around longer than Snap.  Funny how Snap comes up with the concept over a year later isn't it?  If anyone wants to know how these two franchises are run from the top down - do yourself a favor and do some better research:

Simply find out how may clubs (previous to either franchsie's birth) were operated and/or shut down (closed) by the CEO's of both Anytime Fitness and Snap.  Call the Attorney General's won't be surprised.

 Secondly, let's face the fact that there are some folks - in either brand; who's definition of "club support" is "come and do it for me."  I think you will find that in any busienss, or any frnachise system.  But when you look hard into the industry - the facts and statistics don't lie.  I have been in this industry since the early 90's - and I know one thing for a fact - if you have to sell cheap month to month memberships - it means you don't know how to sell fithess - period.  Any any brand that carries that philosophy from the top down to its franchisees, raises a very big red flag to me!  As a matter of fact, a club that does that in my market is just doing a prolonged going-out-of-busienss sale!

 On the look of the clubs?  Both companies are very young by any standard of branding - but I know that Anytime has allowed its franchisees to have their choice in a lot of things early on - but that has changed and for the better I might add.  But I can also tell you that any club, no matter how big, new, or cool a club is - if it's run with an owner who's ignorant to this industry's ins and outs, or who refuses to ask for corporate's or an expert's  help - they are in for a very painful financial lesson.



Posted by on August 14th, 2007

Contract a non issue

The real issue is Snaps no contract, yes in the short term after January they will sell memberships see how well they are doing in April, May, and June. I sell a year membership and yes there are people that don't want to pay. This is were knowing something about fitness is helpful. Talk to the customer and get them back in after all there was a reason they joined to begin with right. There would be a lot more of a problem with "no contracts" vs 12 month or 18 month contracts.

on November 2nd, 2007

Just Wait

Wait till an Anytime rolls in and summer comes around. You can say bye bye to your money and hello to bankruptcy.

on November 3rd, 2007

Snap Fitness or Anytime Fitness / what's the difference?

As an owner of a Snap Fitness Franchise, I seriously recommend going way beyond the UFOC to make absolutely sure that you contact current owners in the type of city/ market you are considering investing and get the real story only from them. Remember that the purpose of the Franchiser and the third party company selling for them is to sell and make money. Beyond that point, support being professional and knowledgeable experience about your market is the key to making it in the fitness industry if you have no personal experience of your own. When your really committed $$$ and inside the experience, the offering (UFOC) can seem kind of shallow and distant.
If the business model you are buying represents business success in Minnesota, than you will be in for a very abrupt learning curve when attempting to push that concept into a new and untested demographic. In small business there is no time for learning and if you are not a fitness professional that understands the market you wish to compete in, get one or be prepared for more than you expected. Ask all the questions and if the Franchiser will or cannot provide the precise data supporting the claims made in the offering than it's probably too good to be true.
First realize that in starting up and operating a small business there is no chance for almost made it. Either you succeed with all the help the Franchiser can give you or fail all alone. Either way it's your bottom line $$$ and the only lose the Franchiser takes is a negative review. What can you afford to loose and before you sign that lease, is it really worth risking everything!?.

on January 3rd, 2008

This is surprising

I am doing due diligence on SNAP and this is the first negative information I have found. How close is the nearest store? According to the UFOC you have a protected territory for 3.5 miles. How long have you had your store?

on August 23rd, 2007

Yes the Item 20 Ranter seems unreal...

Let me assure you that no one could make that crap up.

Posted by Truth in Franchising on September 8th, 2007