Hot Harry's

A small burrito "concept", had six or seven locations, but at least they have some company stores, 2 or 3 (depending on which website or news article you get the figures from).

But anyway, here is the funny: They have a "Testimonials" section on their company website.  And the featured testimonial is from a Zee who just closed his store. (Or as community rumor has it, perhaps his bank closed it for him.)  So if they used to have 6 units now they have 5, or if it was 7 now it is 6...whatever.

I was just struck by the irony of posting a testimonial as to what a great opportunity it is, from a guy who has since closed his store.  It has been reported that the Zee has some health problems but even if he could no longer work it, if the business was good, why couldn't he sell it instead of close it???

I'm not saying the Zor is a crook, not at all.  But perhaps just another run before you can walk, made to be franchised "concept"???

Hot Harry's Testimonial

This just goes to show you how much a testimonial is worth. It's  not even worth the virtual paper it is written on.

on September 7th, 2009