Be Cautious Before You Sign

I believe most hurt zees write their stories to inform people about the consequences of signing a franchise agreement. 

Our horror story has been going on for three years.  It keeps going on and on and on.  Why, because we signed a one-sided contract that will destroy your dream.

If you are experiencing financial hell because you signed a franchise agreement, my heart goes out to you.

Before franchising my husband and I were living our dream.  We had a rental business and fantastic credit.  We never worried about money because we had it. 

After franchising we no longer have money or fantastic credit.  Our lives changed over night.  Was it all our fault?  Today I believe it was our fault because we did not do the necessary things to protect ourselves.  We were naive, stupid and not wise.  We are still suffering because of  signing  a UFOC that spells you are giving everything to the zor.  If we had understood the implications of what the agreement was saying I know we would of never signed.  Before you sign you need to study until you understand what the agreement is saying. 

Today we are going to loose our home on the lake.  We lost our rentals all because we decided to sign on the dotted line.

Today I am forced to give up my career as a realtor because we do not have the money for me to be self-employed.  I have to give up college until I figure out what to do.  If we never signed a franchise agreement we would of been enjoying life and never feeling the awful recession our country has been experiencing. 

 Today I have to take jobs that pay nothing and hope I can start college in the future.

I am facing all these issues straight on and I will not fail. 

I beg those who are going to sign on the dotted line, please think.  You can avoid finacial hell by making the right choice.  I do not believe you can buy a business for as little as the rogue zors claim.  They are after your money and they WILL destroy your dreams.  You will experience poverty as sure as the sun comes up every morning.  Don't be stupid.  Protect what you have and seek counseling before signing.         

I am shocked and dissappointed that zees have not commented

on my blog.  I purposely wrote, "In the end it was our fault."  I was hoping some zees would rebutt my blog and mention the fraud and misleading statements that lure you to sign a franchise agreement.  How about the fraud all over the internet that verifys the misleading statements that the zor's salesperson represents?  I waited long enough.  Anyone who really believes I believe it was all our fault is not reading my writing.

on June 13th, 2010

I could not agree more. 

I could not agree more.  There are franchisors around whose operations are based on immoral money grabbing - either they set out that way, or their business model takes a slide because of ill thought-out planning and research when they were constructing the franchise package.  And then they go ahead anyway, wondering why they are getting upset franchisees on the phone.

I've read many reviews and comments which lay the blame for slumping success on the franchisee's being unable to step up to the mark.   Purposefully immoral or not, there are lots of less than reputable franchisors who, when their model does not live up to their unrealistic expectations, will rather blame the franchisee for not stepping up to the mark than themselves go back to square one and look at the flaws in their model. 

None of us are forced to sign on the dotted line, we have to at least admit that.  And none of our due diligence can be bullet proof, we also have to admit that too.  And even when a franchise is genuinely good, it might not be the next year or the year after that, a chance that we all end up taking when we sign.  But for the franchisor to have a faulty model that they then misrepresent and blatantly lie about to then go and blame the franchisee when things go wrong - well the franchisee seems to be alone in this because it is entirely legally possible for a franchisor to do this, and keep doing it.

Posted by marjelicious on June 16th, 2010

I couldn't of agreed more.

Franchising is very complicated. It doesn't give the zor the right to puff material facts and misrepresent material facts, on so many things.  People beware.  Franchising CAN destroy your life.  In other words all the fruits of your labor will vaporize right before your eyes.  Poverty is no fun.  You may be finding yourself working for menial wages.  You will not be your own boss. You will not have money for retirement.  You won't have food to feed your children, grand-children or perhaps a home to live in.  Your credibility will be lost in business.  Need I say more?

on June 19th, 2010

and here we were thinking you finally knew the truth

You screwed up, didn't know what you were doing, and bought junk.  Case closed, oh well.  Quit yer repititious whining, EVERY THREAD YOU START IS BOO HOO HOO..  You have a pathetic need to be the center of attention; you start a new whine about the very same thing any time the spotlight on you fades.  Just because you suffer doesn't make you right.  You're a loser baby so....,

on June 21st, 2010

You make me laugh Beany

Who is the loser?  The thief or the one that always did things right, until they met up with a rogue zor?  Rogue zors know what they are doing.  There are thousands if not tens of thousands of people who have been taken by bad zors.  I am not whining.  I am telling the reality of countless victims of rogue franchising.  You probably believe it is okay to misrepresent people in business.  You are the loser, when it comes to values, ethics and morals.  Piss on people who have always done things right.  I feel sorry for you Beany.  Money does not determine a persons value.  It is who and what they do with their life.  Stealing from decent people is not being a winner.  Remember we all end up in the same place.  We are all just people.  If people were decent toward one another, it would be a better world.  Perhaps businesses would be thriving and all would have money to spend.     

on June 22nd, 2010

while you're at it...

"If people were decent toward one another, it would be a better world.  Perhaps businesses would be thriving and all would have money to spend."

While you're at it, wish for whirled peas and puppy dogs that fart rainbows.  No no BJ, I tell people to watch out for scams and misrepresentations, that knowledge helps protect you, and somehow you transmogrify that into how I (allegedly) am IN FAVOR of scams and misrepresentations.

Looks like you have made ONE business deal in your life, and it was a crappy one, and now that has become you whole life.  People who don't know what they are doing are easy marks for the fleecing.  That was you.  I don't doubt that they were selling junk, but you (or rather your husband - why doesn't he post here?) bought it.  You didn't have to do that.

By bye!

on January 11th, 2011

No you didn't

You did NOT "always do things right".  You did a lousy job of vetting a sales pitch.  The were selling junk but that doesn't mean you (or your husband) had to buy it.  OF COURSE there are bad deals out there.  You bought one.  If  was an actual fraud or misrepresentation then you should have been able to successfully sue.  You couldn't.  Doing good deeds in the past doesn't protect you from current swindles and more than going to church every Sunday does.  You obesses on the Seller and ignore efforts the Buyer can make to protect themselves.  Move on.  Self-proclaimed Martyr is your life now.  Youa re not our hero.  You are just a narcissist (sorry if I didn't spell that right),

on January 11th, 2011

Barbara Jorgensen Expert Victim Queen of Denial

Barbara Jorgensen, I think it is interesting how a person can make prophetic proclamations of imminent failure and fraud in not only fitness but in franchising for all who dare to delve in yet your experience is based on the facts that you purchased a fitness franchise: 

   (a) where leadership had no fitness background!

    (b) you never had an attorney read anything before she signed!

   (c) you never visited a location!

   (d) you never Googled her fledgling brand!  She told me this on the phone that she was not computer savy and       didn't  know about the internet, that baby boomers are't that internet savy.

   (d) you never contacted a franchisee!

   (e) you claims you spent 3000 hours reasearching for you mediation, which you later abandoned as being too expensive, and as evidenced in Anytime vs Snap thread you had no idea what a UFOC (now called FDD) was!  One would think that after 3000 hours of research she at least know what the UFOC aka FDD is. After all it is / was (now called FDD) what contains all the informaiton on the franchise and is required disclosure by the FTC. I know that and I haven't spent 3000 preparing for one single event in my life!

   (f) you had no idea what a UFOC (now called FDD) was!  I'll give you a hint. It has the franchise agreement in it.


          (1) your husband for signed the agreement. Barbara, go give that man a hug and tell him you love him. What        a terrible burden for your husband to shoulder all these years.

          (2) You actually blames Entrepreneur Magazine for the ad you saw, which evidentially led to your purchase. No I am not joking in the slightest. Barbara told me she thought that those franchise magazines should have laws against the or be regulated.  Let me ask you, Barbara, doyou think toys should be banned in Happy Meals as well?

          (3) You blames the franchise for "fleecing" her. I don't even know where to go with this one.

All these years you never bothered to put your experience in context for the benefit of the good reader here. Yous dismiss anything positive said about the industry. On your blog you she talks about all the free advice she gets from attorneys and cracking on people with an attorney Webster. It's sad.  

Barbara Jorgensen Purchased a 123Failure aka 123Fit
An in this forum doeth she sit
She blames her husband and the magazine Entrepreneur
But DARE NOT BLAME the person in the bathroom mirror!

Hey Barabara Jorgensen, Everybody Plays the Fool..

Okay, so your heart is broken
You're sitting around mopin', mopin', mopin', cryin', cryin'
You say you're even thinking about dying
Well, before you do anything rash, dig this

Everybody Play the Fool 
There's no exception to the rule, listen baby
It may be factual, it may be cruel, I ain't lying
Everybody plays the fool

Spouses, employers, schools, franchises: differenct lyrics, same melody.


Posted by Tom Garmon on January 16th, 2011

Why we walk away from BJ

If a hurricane struck BJ's home and blew in her windows, she'd:

1) Complain about what a Good Person she was, and how hurricanes shouldn't hurt Good People.

2) Complain about the misrepresntation because nobody told her that the location had had 3 hurricanes in the past 5 years, even though it could be easily found on the internet..

3) Complain that there aren't enough laws against hurricanes and something should be done.

4) If somebody suggested that she either invest in storm shutters, or at least put up some plywood next time, claim that the person was in favor of hurricane damage, and that they sounded like a hurricane, or maybe WERE a hurricane.

5) Post about it 500 times with pretty much the same story, but claim it was all done out of concern for others.

BJ, we are not denying that there are hurricanes.  We are just suggesting that people take reasonable precautions against them.  And that we've heard your story several hundred times too many.

on January 11th, 2011