Hurricane Grill & Wings under new ownership for the third time in 12 months

Please call ALL Franchisee's both CURRENT and PAST before talking with this group. Please also note that they have 2 lawsuits pending and have settled 2 additional lawsuits for fraud and earnings claims allegations.

People have lost MILLIONS in this brand.


My name is Dean Tendrich and I am the one of the owners of Hurricane AMT, LLC which is the current franchisor of Hurricane Grill & Wings.  Any misgivings of the previous owners are going through the legal system. It's a shame it needs to come to that but it has nothing to do with the current ownership and the effort that is underway.  

There are lots of happy people in the Hurricane Family.

Our sales our up, our morale has never been higher within the system and we are growing.  There are some who are so hurt that they lead a scorched earth policy regarding everything to do with the brand.  I'm not sure I wouldn't be the same way.  For me, I'm one of those people who either climbs on board and takes responsibility for my actions or I jump off and find something else that's going to work for me.

All anyone needs to do is to eat the food and speak to ALL of the franchisee's...a good business person will know the wheat from the chaff.  

$5 off $20 

Posted by FAIR n BALANCED on July 29th, 2009