Internet Franchise - our horror story from the UK

Well, I was reading through here at the various horror stories and this quote came out at me from another discussion: "No matter how stupid we were it doesn't give franchisors the right to misrepresent people. Our judicial system is not set up to protect the common layman. It seems they protect the corporations that hurt the little guy". You know, that is exactly how I am feeling. The franchise in question have the slogan 'earn while you sleep!' More like worry yourself to death and lose all sleep as the directors have been discovered as being under investigation for fraud and misrepresentation.  for their activities on their previous business enterprise!! Well the point is to say that our judicial system is not set up to protect us from company directors who are under lawful scrutiny for one thing, while they have entered into another franchise operation. If I read the other threads more, I might find an answer!

Activ UK

These people have been slated on the British forums for misrepresentation. They've been telling the forum administrators to withdraw negative comments and the threads have disappeared one by one.... They are still advertising their franchise as thought they have no charges against them.

Posted by Guest on June 28th, 2010