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I am hoping this might not be a horror story but I am concerned. Shape Express opened in downtown Tulsa, Ok. It was a great concept for those of us downtown. It disappeared quickly and I notice there are some legal proceeding now going in Tulsa courts about the people who leased the building to Shape Express/Wave3Communications. I have read stories about people who own franchises losing everything and unable to sue the franchisor's who have "disappeared" as Shape Express.

My fear is that they have reorganized and are now opening another  fitness center in Tulsa. The main man Linden Wood is in court with Shape Express problems. His son Tracey Wood is opening a new center Sedona Fitness and Spa in midtown Tulsa under the same Wave3 Communications. They were supposed to open in April and now August has come and they are still not open.  Is Tulsa just a place where pople are easily scammed?

Others have posted about their loss of everything dealing with Shape Express/Wave3Communications. Who is watching these people to protect the public?



you dont have your facts right.

First off Linden Wood ownes Wave3 prop,construction,and some of Sadona. Shape Express and most of Sadona was sold to Diversafied Health. Not sure on the spelling. Also Linden has no children. Tracy Wood is his cousin. just that little mix up tells me you talk out your assI I moved from Philly to Tulsa to work for Mr.Wood and was always treated good. How bout you look in to the franchise buyers and how many of them are not paying there bills hell the one in West Grove PA shes been ducking payments from day one. Just know all your facts that is what your in the buisiness of correct

Posted by Danny Hilferty on January 28th, 2010

Facts straight?

You trash this other guy and praise Linden. You can't even spell the name of the company you supposedly work for. Do your own due diligence and you will see that most of what he says is true. Go back through the records and see how many people bought into ShapeXpress hook, line and sinker and then went bankrupt. Any idea how many of the franchises are still around after paying Wave 3? Not many. It's a shame. The ShapeXpress franchises that weren't paying there bills mostly had a right not to. The franchisor didn't live up to their end of the bargain.
I read that LW is in forclosure in Tulsa. Can't say that anyone who knows him wouild be upset.

Posted by Guest on March 25th, 2010


I was one of the people that was bankrupted by Shapexpress. There were about 100 at the time. There are 3 now. I paid every penny to them. There was not a single person in that company that knew fitness or anything about the industry. They were great salespeople, but there have always been snake oil salesmen.
They ruined many lives, and it appears that they continue to.

on December 2nd, 2011

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Shape Express Sedona Fitness and Linden Wood

Witer "By Guest 03-25-2010" is exactly right. Mr. Wood has along track record for treating people with zero respect and repeatedly loses his temper in public and privately. If anyone has a case to scream foul it is the customers and owners of any establishment led by Mr. Wood. And yes Tracy Wood is Linden's cousin who is nothing more than a coat tale kissing, do what ever Linden says sorry excuse for a business person . Linden Wood is nothing more than a self serving, self proclaimed businessman that will be spending a lot of his time in the Oklahoma courts. Can't think of a better place for him...except one. If you find yourself in a meeting with this man pitching his next "opportunity".....I have only one word for you........RUN. Please do your due dilligence before you buy.

Posted by Guest on January 17th, 2011

The Truth about Linden Wood

I knew Linden Wood personally and he was a thief and a liar. He owed money to a lot of people he jilted. He got to any level of success on the efforts of others, promising success & fortunes, but delivering failure & sorrow. In high school, it was said that he would either be successful or end up in jail. I hope the latter is the case. He sued Excel Communication because they did not want him to feed off of his own MLM downline. When his organization split into two groups, it was never really the same. Then he started his own business with video messaging concept called WorldConnect and started some other businesses. After WorldConnect, EnerGreens, ShapeXpress, Sedona, and Soranno's all went out of business (five-time loser?), he just disappeared. I guess the 2003 Business Entrepreneur of the Year award went to his head. Per conversations with others who he screwed over, he was known move his money around to different accounts. Who knows? He used to live by Utica Square (was in his house a few times before he had gated security back in the F.I.N. Group/Team Excel days). Maybe he left the country to live on the money stolen from others. Don't look for him on FaceBook; he's not there as I already checked. He's probably in Aruba... Maybe Marilyn Minter knows where he went?

Per the Better Business Bureau, WorldConnect is out of business:…

Here is an article about ShapeXpress:…

You can track some of Linden's court appearances here on the Oklahoma Court Network:…

Posted by Guest on August 27th, 2011

Yeah, Linden is a piece of

Yeah, Linden is a piece of crap. He would sign contracts for services from all kinds of companies and then just drop them when he found something else that might be profitable. Being around in the WorldConnect days was like being around a cult, all of these people would do anything Linden told them to do, including drinking Energreens by the gallon (this was a product that was supposed to provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, but it was like mixing grass clippings in water...and tasted just about as good). It was insane. Linden himself was a nice guy, if you could get him to be Linden. Otherwise, he was an arrogant p*ick who would step on or over anyone to get what he wanted.

Posted by Guest on August 29th, 2011

Terrible Information...

Its one thing to give professional warnings...but when trash talk starts flying, true or not, its should be backed up by solid and COMPLETELY ACCURATE information.

As for the links...they were NOT accurate, and anyone with half a witt knows there are MANY companies called World Connect Communications across this country. the comment about the "out of business" and the Better Business Bureau "BBB" are NOT for the same your eyes...your Google search was in the wrong state. hence a clip and post of that direct link posted:


WorldConnect Communications, Inc.
Find a Location
(520) 682-2950
12950 W Sweetwater Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743
! There is an alert for this business !

Also, the relationship of his family is clearly misunderstood...T.W. is his cousin, not son.

Excell Telecommunications breached their contracts and Linden did the right thing by leaving that company...that company's compensation plan stifled the ability for a huge number of people to even have the opportunity to make money. They knew that limiting the possibility of growth payout would protect them from huge payouts to the common person.

I moved on when the fitness and supp. lines came out, because I knew the prep. was not what it should have been. But, people should have simply been wiser in their decisions. Blaming the company for making a leap outside of their comfort zone was not the problem...the individual people involved were. Come on...where does the accountability really lie? The blame game is so lame...easy yes...but professionally lame. And as for the court links, anyone can sue anyone they wish, as many times as they like...its NOT like filing a false police report. There are no limits there unless a Judge decides to rule with prejudice. The case in mention...was a bit of a joke..."$200.00 ON DISTRICT COURT FINAL ORDER OR JUDGMENT INITIAL FILING" (official clip and paste from the link mentioned).

No perfect and anyone who can read knows that, even in their contracts, the opportunities in any network marketing company are NOT guarantees...but the possibility of success is there to those who refuse to get discouraged and instead preserver and grow despite obstacles. I was a founding member of World Connect Communications and was there through thick and thin...LOVE IT...was successful and made some lifelong friends and business contacts...but never nieve. Come on...grow up...sure it hurts when we fall down, and even if we have to start all over...but who is ultimately to blame?

All business is Risk...especially Entrepreneurial businesses...but if you choose to wallow, expecting for things to be handed to you, rather than making wise personal choices and decisions based on your own abilities, circumstances and partners, then you have no right to shirk responsibility. Businesses come and go...its just the nature of the industry. For God's your research, be accountable, and never give up!!! When there's a good opportunity before you, take hold, work hard, be prepared and know when to move on. Its Business 101.

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Thank you! Finally a posting written with common sense.

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