Chaotic Adjustment

Are we about to encounter a harvest of violent upheaval associated with scarcities that will weigh heavily on the viability of small businesses?

If so, which businesses will be amongst the first to be hit by the waves of scarcity? I think food service will be first.

Will the institutions be in denial until they are way behind the curve and in crisis? Will the SBA, for instance, continue to guarantee and eat bad loans from failed food service franchise businesses. I suppose only that SBA guaranty will keep the lenders in the game and keep the lenders from emulating the bad mortgage market?

Will there be so many resale oppportunities witih failed/near failure food service franchisees that there will be a glut? Wilkl the abundance of resale opportunities answer the due diligence questions about whether the wave has hit so hard in this segmnent that investment simply is not warranted for a number of years while the shake out winds down?

As a macabre suggestion - if there are so many food service business collapses, will the immigration situation sort itself out without the assistance of Congress? - No jobs = no immigrants.

Anyone care to weigh in, or am I just a nut job approaching senility?