Minority Franchisees

Discussion of franchise demographics

  • Is owning a franchise mainly an all-white male thing? Or, are the times changing? How so?
  • Got any numbers to support your observation?
  • Do minorities have particular problems getting into the game?
  • What's out there to help them?

minority franchises

Is anybody aware of any issues/problems specific to minority franchisees (or would-be franchisees)in the Maryland/D.C. area? Have you heard about recent lawsuits filed by minority franchisees in any U.S. state?

on March 3rd, 2008

Minority franchisees

Try Professor Talwar at Penn State Univ., she was researching the issue of minorities in franchising. Also, Susan Kezios might have some suggestions. I don't know how much the AFA got involved in the minorities question, but she did a lot of work on the women in franchising area.

While a few years old, our Penn State L.R. article did discuss minorities in franchising, including an Athlete's Foot franchisee from the DC area, and a Burger King franchisee from Philly. If you can't get an online copy, drop me a private email with your address and I'll send you a hard copy.

on March 4th, 2008

Dunkin Donuts Pushing White Glazed Over Chocolate

Are there franchise discrimination lawsuits?

You bet. Let's not forget that the most famous minority lawsuit right now is Dunkin' Donuts being sued by its franchisees for preferring white owners over 'brown skins'. Those stories were covered by our own Janet Sparks.

Our panel of experts came to a conclusion in the discussion thread that the multi-unit franchise owners that Dunkin wants to push its system to are richer, white-guys. Multi-unit owners have success and more resources to fall back on. Dunkin likes them. The poorer, single-unit franchise owners are somewhat darker in complexion. They don't get discounts.

on March 4th, 2008