Nosey Franchisor

I have a franchisor who thinks I am his employee. He treats my information, sales, profit info, etc. as if it is his his info to do as he wishes. I have to give him P+L's but can i require him to keep it confidential and if so by what authority? Same question on my sales numbers.


Go back and look at your contract and tell us what it says. 

Once you negotiate in your franchise agreement that your financial statements must be kept confidential, then your franchisor will have to comply with the terms they signed.

on February 11th, 2009

nosey franchisor

Hi Bob,
it does not say in my agreement that my franchisor has to keep my numbers or my financials confidential. But isn't that "understood". They can't just take out an add in the NY Post! I am a private corporation and I am sharing information with them as such. The private nature of that information should not have to be spelled out in the franchise agreement. If i give them information and tell them that I want it kept confidential, shouldn't they have to abide by that since it is mine and not theirs. Just because I am bound to give it to them does not give them the right to do with it what they want. Thanks for your time and opinion.

Posted by homeshopper on February 12th, 2009