PCI Compliance for the Franchisee - Are you getting the Franchisor Support You Deserve?

There has been a lot of buzz recently about who bears the brunt of responsibility when  it comes to Payment Card Industry Compliance.   Lets assume for the moment that everyone has been clued in to what their responsibilities are in terms of the PCI and Merchant guidelines.

There was a good article recently posted in Consumers Reports that brings to light the struggle between the franthisee and franchisor.  In the article two hotel brands attempt to place the total burden of compliance on the independent owner / operator.  This is ridiculous!  The responsibility for PCI Compliance falls squarely on both parties equally. 

Security Validation, LLC is the leading PCI Advisory firm to the hospitality industry and publishers of PrivacyAtlas.com the largest public compliance database.  PrivacyAtlas.com reports on how well merchants protect consumer financial and personal information.

It is ponderous to us why merchants would not use PCI Compliance as a marketing tool.  A hotel or any merchant for that matter that is PCI Compliant should use this information to gain a competetive advantage distancing  themselves from the hoards of non-compliant.  If not for the positive press - merchants will want to gain a positive rating from PrivacyAtlas so that consumers aren't  scared away.

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on June 17th, 2014