Hello. Does this site have an introduction to knew members. I have looked around and could not locate one. So this would be my recommendations to make the site better.

So if you do decide to have an Intro thread. Here is my post.


Hello everyone! It appears I am the first to post my intro.My name is Brandon Buckingham at SEP Network.We are a software company based in Phoenix, AZ. Our services are offered to the Franchise and Direct Selling industries. SEP's product is called Netgen and is designed to give you control of your brand while taking control of all your digital assets and giving tools to the field. This is great for franchisees because now they have an excellent tool set to use in this ever increasing digital age. For franchisors you get total control of your front office across your whole network while they are increasing revenue by using the tools you give to them.For more information or a demo don't hesitate to call or email. I'm here for you and to see if we fit what both of us are looking for.