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Issues With Moving Posts

Need Your Suggestions On How to Be Fair to Everyone 

There's a few posters here who are extremely zealous about a single issue. To them, every news article and opinion are seen through the filter of their hobby horse.

Our community is much bigger than their single issue. Having said that we have certainly accomodated them by providing a place for a thorough and continuous discussion of their issue.

I move such messages. I do so because in a citizen journalism site such as ours where everyone has a voice, information needs to be compartmentalized or else we risk chaos.

Comments are meant to ask questions of the author or to write narrow, short-term comments on the main issue of the article. Comments are not the same thing as our long-standing forum discussions and debates with the community on broad topics.

The problem is that when I move their posts, sometimes your responses are stuck in the middle of the thread that I move. I try to be surgical but it is often difficult.


  • If they've been given a warning and still post throughout the site, block them from Blue MauMau?
  • Remove the Article Comments block from the front page? Sometimes guests like writing comments because it is briefly shown on the front page.
  • Get a moderator to help me move the threads that are out of place. Taking time to moderate and move posts gives me less time to pursue news stories.

Mr. Blue MauMauModerator

on February 19th, 2008

Different Standards for Different Posters

It appears, Don, that you have different standards for different posters.

You have chastised me and blocked me many times unfairly when it was not me who changed the thread. Right now you have "The Dwyer Group Named Among Best Companies to Work for" in the Article Comments Area and someone responded to the article yesterday with the comment that it wasn't a great place for franchisees ----and then you removed everything but this comment to Government Regulation, etc...

The attorneys are allowed to change the subject at will whenever they are inclined to do so. We understand that you have a "double standard". When was the last time you blocked Richard Solomon?

I told you many times. If you don't want me to post any more ---just tell me OPENLY on this site and I will honor your decision. I appreciate that you have given me a platform upon which to tell my truth and I thank you for this.

on February 19th, 2008

Moving Comments

Thank-you Don for raising this issue in a public manner.

My own vote is for posters to take control of their own blog: if they don't like the comment, they should be able to mark it so that community knows that the poster believes the response to be so off topic that nobody should respond to it. 

Michael Webster PhD LLBFranchise News

Posted by michael webster on February 19th, 2008

Different Standards

Why don't you actually register openly. ... Or, as you would put it "OPENLY"

on February 19th, 2008


Who is Don? There's just a fishy here who moderates on occasion.

on January 22nd, 2011

If You Could Ask Any Question to a Wildly Successful Franchisee

. . . what would it be?

If you had the chance to sit for lunch mano y mano with the Warren Buffet of franchise owners and get straight answers to help you along your way to success, what would you ask?

I'm fishing for guidance on a future story I'm doing.

on July 28th, 2008

Questions for a Franchisee Sage

What were the benchmarks that they use to decide what to invest in and when to get rid of a store?

In their growth to become a super-franchisee, what were the major hurdles and how did they overcome them?

on July 29th, 2008

Are you willing to ask these tough questions?

Question 1: What percentage of their success is due to their systematically cheating the system? Examples: deliberately and regularly under-reporting income (both to taxing agencies and their zor), shorting the customers on product (especially easy to do in the food-related businesses), using illegal immigrant labor whom they underpaid, not carrying proper insurance such as workers comp, using family members who aren't receiving a regular paycheck, etc.

Question 2: How did they grow the number of their locations - by building new stores, or bottom-fishing for existing locations where the original owner burned out?

on July 29th, 2008

Rough 48 hours

Guys and gals,

After a major ice and snow storm that brought down the electricity, the editor is back online - knock on wood! The last couple of hours has been spotty at best.

on January 29th, 2009

New mobile Blue MauMau; RSS Feeds Updated

Mobile phones: For you busy store owner-operators who are constantly on the go, I have been working on formatting Blue MauMau content for mobile phones. If you have a smart phone that can access the Internet, use your phone to visit:

RSS feed RSS: I've also updated the RSS feeds (RSS: Really Simple Syndication) so that readers can monitor Blue MauMau's raw news feed with a news aggregator like Google Reader. RSS is another convenient way to quickly receive the news and to read it while on the go. For your convenience, our RSS feeds are published on our footer that appears on the bottom of every single web page of Blue MauMau.

on January 22nd, 2011