Advantages of Franchise Business

Most Franchise Concepts are scam. I would say a staggering 90% .Why on earth would somebody get into a retail business and only have customers from a radius of 2 km come to them.That is not the way you are going to make money.Anytime the radius of your customer is less than 20 kms you are never going to make money simply because of the law of numbers.

There will never be customers coming to you beyond the 2 km radius because
in a franchise system there will be another franchise location to service that area.Simply you have doomed yourself for paltry revenues if not failure.

Territory is overrated

In my county there was one Quiznos and eight McDonald's.

Guess which one went out of business. There wasn't another Quiznos within 30+ km.  Didn't save 'em.

on July 4th, 2011