If anyone has cosidered opening a Mr. Clean Car Wash  franchise talk to me first

I would love the chance to show you my beautiful, overpriced, under productive, money

losing business. This is a national franchise backed by the 80 billion dollar brand

of P&G.

Serious canidates only, Atlanta metro area.

Call Gary 770 375-7295 or email [email protected]

What did they say the advantage was?

What did they (the Franchisor) say the advantage was for you to pay them to open a "Mr. Clean" carwash rather than for you to open an independant carwash? Do they have stats that show the Mr. Clean name really brings in the business? 

Just wondering because when I pick a car wash it is primaily on convenient location and secondly price/quality.  Did you have car wash experience before you went with Mr. Clean? Just wondering what made you go with them rather than just open a car wash if that's the business that you wanted to be in. (I know three families who own multple carwashes and none are franchised, though one family has a big enough operation that they could be considered to be their own regional brand.)

on June 30th, 2011

Yes, please explain what it was about the brand

or sales process that sold you, your previous industry / management experience, etc.

Posted by Dr. F on July 1st, 2011