No Successes

There are no successes on BMM.  This is the forum of the Disgruntled Zee.  Anyone who actually is successful is accused of being a shill foir the Zor, or being a Zor because they don't "sound like a Zee" (apparently Zees are supposed to sound whiny & disgruntled).

We've been Zees for 15 years.  Our 2010 YTD cash flow is up about 1/4 million dollars over last year.  But nobody on BMM wants to hear from someone like us.  It's all in EXECUTION OF OPERATIONS, "concept" hasn't changed and we have the same number of stores.

Don't chase "concept".  Hammer execution.

Financing a Franchise

I am working on a case study and report on Financing a Franchise. I need some information from a franchisees perspective. Do you a contact or email?

Posted by Guest on December 17th, 2010