We own multiple territories, one open, which location next?

We own 6 territories, they are contigous & adjacent, kind of in a circlular shape.   We have one location open.  Each one is an investment of about 2mil to get it open and involves a lot of pre-opening marketing, training, etc.  

My question is which territory should we open as #2?   Choices are:

- the next closest adjacent territory nearest the open one

       Pros: we can easily train new staff, get economies in marketing, much easier logistics of travel

       Cons: We'd take customers away from the existing location

- the one furthest away

      Pros: a whole fresh new market to attack

      Cons: we have to start fresh with training and marketing.  (although driving time is only 45 minutes)

What's your take?  Closest or farthest location?