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  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 hours 47 min ago

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  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 hours 47 min ago

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  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   6 days 11 min ago

    Hi Franny,

    Your website is a very informative and useful for me. I am sure whoever want to be involved in franchise system would agree. Thanks for your contribution.

    I am interested in buying one CheeseCake shop and doing my research as much as I can. However, it seems that the franchise has a lot of disputes up to about 2012-2013. Since then, everything seems to be settled and quiet. It's like too quiet. I am not sure if there is anything under the water that I should be aware of? Have you heard anything about this brand lately? Any cases or complaints from franchisees? Or anything I should be aware of. I am sorry to break your rule about not to mention the name but my question is really specific about this brand. If it's possible, you can reply me privately, Thanks for your help and understanding.

    Sam S.

  • At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’   6 weeks 20 hours ago

    Again your get your facts incorrect.

    They left this week as they have jobs outside the Jim’s Group.

  • At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’   8 weeks 3 min ago

    Received a call to say Neil & his side kick are departing as managers of a division within the Jim’s Group in a few weeks.

    This time for almost managing a division to the point of negative growth for over 2 years what a surprise.

    They have overseen over 180 from 365 franchisees fail in business in 15 years, this as a direct result of their system, which cost $150,000 to setup compared to other similar business at $55,000.

    Let’s see if Jim’s new manager can turn the division around by Christmas.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   10 weeks 4 days ago

    No. What is it?

    (What does its FDD say it is and how does its reported numbers compare to the strong performance of leaders ComforCare or HomeWatch?)

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Do you know the failure rate for Right at Home ?

  • Franchise Horror Stories   15 weeks 3 days ago

    this sounds like it was written by taunton himself

  • MAACO   16 weeks 3 days ago

    How much can these thieves steal from you? Pretty much everything. If you are stupid enough to buy into their franchise - they own you. They spend a whole lot more on beating you down than they do helping you. Makes more sense, as long as they have another sucker lined up to buy one of their crap franchises, they already have your money, why should they actually perform. Help you be successful? That might cut into their profitability. Find the next sucker/franchisee to fleece.

  • MAACO   16 weeks 3 days ago

    Advertising? Questionable - generally if they aren't making their bottom line fees go in their pocket vs. paying what you as a franchisee are paying them for. Royalties? you can't afford their franchise fees. You pay thousands each week - twice a year you'll get someone, who never ran either a maaco. or a legitimate shop show up for a couple hours. This franchise is crap. Who cares when you're losing your life savings? Certainly not the unethical MBA's running the show. They deserve their bonuses while you go broke. Not me fault? Some guy in Colorado who paid 1k 30 years ago made it work. Why can't you? Thank you for spending you retirement savings with us. See you in court - in another state where you have no chance because of course: you're broke because you bought a crap franchise, and Maaco has an unlimited amount of money more focused on screwing you over than investing in making your franchise work. Why should maaco care? They already ripped you off. If they can move on and sell another franchise - while you lose your life savings - so what - they made their bonus.

  • Operations Forum   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Just saw this article at Fit Small Business on What is EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization)? - They discuss what EBITDA is, how to calculate and improve it, and what its advantages and disadvantages are. Easy to read and helpful so I thought it might be useful to post here!

  • Franchisor of the Year   18 weeks 1 day ago

    IFA first introduced an Awards Program when it established the Hall of Fame Award in 1979. As the Association's oldest and most prestigious honor, it is conferred upon legendary franchisors who are pioneers in franchising and/or founders of companies whose unassailable track records are examples of the best in franchising. This award was intended to identify and recognize publicly those individuals who, as franchisors, had contributed most to making franchising the acknowledged leader in distribution methods. By publicizing the accomplishments of those pioneers who introduced many new innovations while developing successful systems, it was hoped a new generation of leaders would be inspired to reach those same high levels of accomplishment.

    In 1982, added the Entrepreneur of the Year award to the Awards Program. The Entrepreneur of the Year Award was established to recognize an individual while he or she was in the process of building a successful business venture. Franchisors, franchisees and suppliers are all eligible for this award. They need not be an IFA Forum member, but must exemplify the "entrepreneurial spirit" that franchising represents.

    In 1994, the Bonny LeVine Award was established in memory of Bonny LeVine, co-founder of PIP Printing, in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments in franchising and of her status as a role model for women in the franchise community. The recipient may be a woman whose role as a franchisor, franchisee or supplier meets the established criteria.

    In 2004, the Ronald E. Harrison Award was designed to recognize organizations and/or individuals who have made significant contributions to minorities in franchising either within their franchise organization or within the franchise community. This award is open to any organization and/or individual from an IFA member company, past or present, whether franchisor, franchisee or supplier. 

    As the oldest and most prestigious award conferred by the IFA, the winner must be a franchisor or franchisee who has contributed significantly to the advancement of franchising and to the benefit of IFA and the franchising community. That contribution is made through successful franchising programs, innovative activities within franchising and service to the association. Such individuals if not already a legend in franchising should be expected to become one. Representing the very best in franchising they should meet and exceed the criteria established for this award.

    Any person (a) with a senior management role with a franchisor, or (b) a franchisee, past or present, is eligible. Typically they will be founders and chief executive officers or franchisees who displayed the vision and implemented the programs that resulted in developing a franchise system at either the franchisor or franchisee level. Any senior management person who had the authority and made the decisions, which in turn made their franchise system outstanding, should be considered.


    This award is designed to give recognition to those individuals who have the vision to see what might be, are willing to take the risks that traditionally accompany any new endeavor, and possess the management skills to create a successful business enterprise through franchising. Candidates should be currently managing and building a successful business through franchising. If the person selected for this award is willing, they will "reign" for the following year and be on call for speaking engagements at IFA member conventions, give media interviews and work with association leaders to spread the word on franchising.

    This award open to all members of the franchising community-franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers. They need not be a member of IFA but must have demonstrated the "entrepreneurial spirit" that franchising represents.


    This award recognizes women who are role models for all, but especially women, by their business and professional accomplishments within franchising and their contributions to our entire society.

    Any woman involved in franchising, whether as a franchisor, franchisee or supplier is eligible for this award.


    To recognize organizations and/or individuals who have made significant contributions to minorities in franchising either within their franchise organization or within the franchise community.

    This award is open to any organization and/or individual from an IFA member company, past or present, whether franchisor, franchisee or supplier.  


    Created to recognize outstanding IFA member-company franchise establishment owner-operators, the Franchisee of the Year Award, sponsored by our partner ADP, is an honor determined by the parent company and presented during the association’s popular Public Affairs Conference event hosted annually in Washington, D.C.  A gala ceremony is conducted in the Nation’s Capital in conjunction with IFA’s annual grassroots lobbying activity, which offers opportunities for franchisees and their franchisors to visit Capitol Hill and engage in discussions about key issues affecting franchising.




    The Franchise maker

  • Could This Be The Most Efficient Maid Cleaning Service Franchise You've Heard Of?   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Really Efficient Maid cleaning service to the extent that nobody knows. This is just ridiculous! The Franchise Maker

  • The main disadvantage of franchising   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Buying a franchise means entering into a formal agreement with your franchisor. Franchise agreements dictate how you run the business, so there may be little room for creativity. There are usually restrictions on where you operate, the products you sell and the suppliers you use. The Franchise Maker

  • Franchise Buying Related to Housing Market / Mortgage Rates?   18 weeks 2 days ago

    I agree with this - "When there are lots of quality jobs in the market, the franchise industry does tend to slow down." The Franchise Maker

  • How To Master Franchise / Certified Franchise Exporter   18 weeks 2 days ago


    A good relationship between the franchisor and franchisee is critical for the success of both parties. Since franchising establishes a business relationship for years, the foundation must be carefully built by having a clear understanding of the franchise program. Unfortunately, understanding the legal language of franchising can be daunting. The advice of an experienced franchise attorney should be sought to help a prospective franchisee understand the legal issues and to protect them from making costly mistakes. Franchising is governed by federal and state laws that require franchisors to provide prospective franchisees with information that describes the franchisor-franchisee relationship. The two main franchising legal documents are: 

    • THE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT (also known as the FDD) The purpose of the FDD is to provide prospective franchisees with information about the franchisor, the franchise system and the agreements they will need to sign so that they can make an informed decision. In addition to the disclosure part of the document, the FDD includes the actual franchise agreement as well as other agreements the franchisee will be required to sign, along with the franchisor’s financial statements.  The FDD is designed to give you some of the information you need in order to make an informed decision about investing in a particular franchise.  By law, a franchisor cannot sell a franchise until the franchisor has presented the prospective franchisee with a Disclosure Document. In fact, 14 states require franchisors to register their FDDs with the state or to notify them that they will offer franchises before they begin to conduct any franchising activity in the state.    The FDD includes information about:  

                                   • the franchisor               

                                   • the company’s key staff              

                                   • management’s experience in franchise management              

                                   • franchisor’s bankruptcy and litigation history              

                                   • initial and ongoing fees involved in opening and running the franchise              

                                   • required investment and purchases                  

                                    • territory rights                      

                                    • responsibilities of the franchisor and franchisee                     

                                    • other franchisees in the system with contact information

    Receipt of the FDD is governed by the “14-day rule.” This is a cooling-off period in which franchisors must give prospective franchisees 14 days to think about their decision before they are allowed to sign the franchise agreement. 

    • THE FRANCHISE AGREEMENT The franchise agreement is more specific than the FDD about the terms of the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee.      The franchise agreement includes information about:  

                                      • the franchise system, such as use of trademarks and products         

                                      • territory        

                                      • rights and obligations of the parties: standards, procedures      

                                     • term (duration) of the franchise

                                     • payments made by the franchisee to the franchisor                    

                                     • termination and/or the right to transfer the franchise

                                     • Training, assistance, and advertising

    The franchise agreement is the legal, written document that governs the relationship and specifies the terms of the franchise purchase. A prospective franchisee should closely review the franchise agreement and consult with a professional advisor, like an attorney or an accountant, before making a final decision.  The Franchise Maker

  • Franchise basics   18 weeks 2 days ago

    Contrary to popular belief, the process of buying a franchise isn’t really difficult-but it is a process. I’ve found, (through working one-on-one with thousands of potential franchise owners) that it’s really important to tackle a major life decision like the purchase of a franchise business-or any type of business, in a very methodical way. (Even if you’re not a methodical person!)

    But you need to realize that buying a franchise is a big deal. It could potentially be life-changing. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

    After all, you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you wanted to just go out and find a new job -or keep the one you have.

    With that in mind, kick off your shoes and grab your favorite beverage. I’m going to show you exactly how to buy a franchise. The Franchise Maker

  • What franchise to buy?   18 weeks 2 days ago

    the average person cannot afford these franchises. The Franchise Maker

  • Top Ten Percent Franchise   18 weeks 2 days ago

    I'd like to learn more about this. The Franchise Maker Online

  • Veterans share their franchise experience   18 weeks 2 days ago

    By all means! It is your right as an applicant to seek legal advice. Beware when the franchiser does not allow you to bring the agreement contract outside their office. Prior to sending to your lawyer, please read several times. Never be afraid of the technical and legal terms. Underline statement or phrases vague. Do write questions as you read. You can only lose your franchise if you violate the agreement and ignore the operations manual. The franchise fee will not be refunded to you. However, unless the infractions are serious, there is normally a “curing process” where the franchiser gives you a chance to correct your mistakes. The Franchise Maker

  • Have you heard of this franchise?   18 weeks 2 days ago

    Before you decide if it’s right for you, here are factors you should consider before buying a franchise.

    As is the case before starting any new business, find out if there is a demand for the product or service you intend to offer. If you are buying an overseas franchising licence, be wary that what sells well in other countries may not be equally well-received here.

    Just because a company offers franchising opportunities doesn’t mean it’s worth taking up. You should only look at companies that have proven themselves successful at franchising their business.

    One of the biggest barriers to buying a franchise is that unlike starting your own business, where all the capital is invested in your operations, a sizeable portion of your initial capital goes to the franchisor as fees for training, equipment and licensing rights. This figure can range from a few thousand dollars to a few million.

    If the franchise is a well-known brand, there may already be lots of franchisees operating in the vicinity, and not to mention other rival companies. Consider first if the franchise and industry you’re choosing is a strategic business to enter as it’ll be hard to establish yourself if there are many competitors in that market.

    A major advantage of franchising is the training and support offered to franchisees. If you don’t have any entrepreneurial experience, then it is advisable to choose a franchise that offers substantial training. Some even provide on-going support even after your franchise is up and running.

    It is very common for franchisors to impose certain restrictions on how their franchises are to be run. They usually require franchisees to follow guidelines and standards which may encompass things such as product offerings, prices, operational hours, and store design among others. The Franchise Maker

  • PMD Furniture Direct Switches to Franchising   18 weeks 2 days ago

    Jeff owes the vendors $220,000 and he just walked away! The Franchise Maker

  • ATM Franchise - ACFN   18 weeks 2 days ago

    ACFN isn’t being dishonest at all, but they could be a little more straightforward in their advertising.  Their headline could read “Why leave your cash in the bank at today’s low interest rates? Why stock it in a mattress? Stock it in your own ATM instead and earn something everytime someone else makes a withdrawal!” Or some such copy.

    You do have to ask a few questions. Is it a high traffic area? Will people be making lots of small withdrawals or a few large ones? Is the location safe? Even if you are insured, this criteria might affect the premiums. Is the expected revenue stream higher or lower than what you could make investing the cash inventory elsewhere? Is ACFN keeping the good sites for itself and giving you the bad sites? Or do they let you scout your own location if you want? Can the franchise be easily sold to someone else? What does the future hold for cash transactions? If people use credit cards and debit cards more, won’t they use ATMs less?

    This might or might not be a good business but just keep in mind that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The Franchise Maker

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   18 weeks 2 days ago

    I don't see these individually doing business either. Well, there pops the franchisee myth that consumers will support them without their former franchise brand. Candy Bouquet businesses as both franchises and independents have disappeared.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   19 weeks 5 days ago

    I am interested in any equiptment used by candy bouquet to make arrangements please contact me at 252 452 1007 Andrea Mitchell