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  • MAACO   1 year 41 weeks ago

    My partner and I are looking to acquire a Maaco Franchise that has been in operation for nearly two years. Would you be able to spare some time and speak with us?

  • CertaPro Painters: VERY High Franchisee Failure rate   1 year 41 weeks ago

    It's unfortunate that anyone can post anything online. For those considering Certa Pro - look in the FDD, do your due diligence and don't take the words of one person with an agenda.

  • PuriFry Vs Filtafry   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Can you contact me?

  • Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness   1 year 42 weeks ago

    The "brand" is going down the toilet in our area. Snaps continue to close, while Anytime Fitness has been opening more and more locations. The emergence of Planet Fitness really hurt a lot of Snaps around here, with corporate not really having any good strategies to compete. MyZone and things like that are nice concepts, but do not generate actual ROI for most zees.

    In retrospect, Anytime had a better model and more solid revenue concept then Snap. Anytime also focused on building nicer clubs, while Snap simply tried to churn out as many locations as quickly as they could.

    Snap corporate is doing nothing to help their franchisees...just increasing fees, and not allowing franchisees to have a credit card updating feature that is commonplace and easily available. They are trying to milk franchisees for everything they can, before most close or do not renew their franchise agreements.

    As far as their other "brands", I have heard the Yoga concept is a joke. 9-Round seems to do OK, but it feels like another fad that will be stale in a couple years.

    About four years ago, Peter Taunton made a huge announcement about Kosama, and tried to encourage Snap franchisees to buy into it. Since then, the brand was such a flop that they sold it back to the original owner.

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   1 year 42 weeks ago

    I'm late to the party but sooo glad I found this post. I have been a Jazzercise student for almost 20 years and absolutely love it. I've taken classes all over my home metro area and in several different states when I travel for business and personal reasons. I'm constantly approached by people asking me if I teach and telling me I should. I had a passing interest when I first started, but something about it seemed off. Turns out, I "had a feeling" about many of the things mentioned here by veteran instructors and center owners about the costs, clique-ish-nish, image issues, and unwritten "no dissent" policies and practices. I also found it a bit unsettling that I couldn't find honest discussions of the pros and cons of becoming an instructor online and veteran instructors seemed wary of talking. If Jazzercise wants to remain around for another 40+ years, it really does need to change the business model -- not just print some new ads and re-do the logo. It's time for some freshness that moves beyond the music. That may mean making changes -- gasp -- starting at the top. Okay Judi, we get it, you started the program and blah, blah blah it was a success. No disrespect. But it might be time the old ideology-- if even done by new people -- to step aside. (Hell, even Bill Gates did so to a degree at Microsoft). As much as students like me love and are loyal to the workout, it won't make a difference if there's no one around to teach.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   1 year 43 weeks ago

    FranNY I'm so confused about this franchise I'm about to pull the trigger and getc the franchise
    So is it legit franchise to purchase or not.

  • At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’   1 year 43 weeks ago

    Wow thank god I found this blog. Been slave to Jims mowing franchise for 5 years in Vancouver now. It's almost killed me to keep up
    With the fing costs to run and shite work that the leads throw my way... Are you kidding me? Leads? You have to pay even if the lead turns out to be some cheap ass Asian who wants a 10'per hour slave to mow his lawn: I have zero support.. Never went to the meetings because after the first one I realized that it's just a sales pitch for other companies products.: all the work I get is from my own doing and no, I don't want to do 10 shitty mows a day 7 days a week just to make ends meet and pay 6,000 per year to Jims.. Craig has been awful to deal with! Demeaning, bullish, deceitful and rude. I've had it. These people are running their franchise into the ground. All the Jims in Vancouver have left .. I see them all driving their painted trailers and working in the hood. I gave them notice because I'm injured and they harassed me and threatened and demanded my trailer.. ,My trailer that I paid for and own. They say they have right of first refusal and want it immediately. They demanded my client list. MY list that I worked 5 years to build outside their lead system. I could rant on and on here. This franchise does not work here. Vancouver is a dense city, with loads of small time operators that undercut everyone else. You can't rely on the crappy leads that Jims gives you at 760 a pop! What? And so many of them are just people calling because they are "thinking " about having work done.. I earn my clients by being a social and caring person. People see me working and love what I do. I don't need to have JIMS MOWING on my truck to be a success. I DONT EVEN WANT TO DO MOWS!

    if the above person reads this response to his post. Look me up!! Let's have a beer and chat!!

    Dennis wants to threaten and strong arm me into keep paying. Fees even after I quit. I can't I'm done, I'll go belly up if I continue to feed him instead of my kids..

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   1 year 44 weeks ago

    So just the stores in New York overcharge? Right! ALL the stores, nationwide, do it to stay open. This is a complete scam and it all starts with this criminal, smug corporation and it's passed off to the customer. If the stores charged the 'correct' price, there wouldn't be any stores left strictly because of corporate greed and this nationwide scam called The UPS Store. UPS lied when they proposed this dog to the original MBE owners by saying they'd be the go-to shipper and the MBE model was 'broken.' Now, it's ten times worse because the stores are compensated a dollar a piece for 80% of the packages that leave the store..prepaid drop-offs. It's a complete scam. And the store owners are ignored when they plead for fairness and profitability and pushed to sell copy services by these crooks. Everyone knows THE UPS STORE is the place to go for copies. What an embarrassment. Why have all the owners either closed, want to close or sell to unsuspecting people? Because they're sick of this scam and being bullied by illegal practices. This scam has been in the courts since day one and the lawsuits keep piling up. The poor franchisees or indentured servants- a term the TUPSS legal team is very aware of, are charged thousands of dollars each year for unnecessary computer equipment and security upgrades, just to help pay TUPSS lawyers to keep this scam going. Hopefully one of these judges will wake up and see the destruction, hate and illegal practices these criminals have caused.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   1 year 44 weeks ago

    Dear Jerry, you are full of crap. Starting and maintaining a few failing businesses is really not all that hard. I looked you up... a junk shop, a spa with no takers, and an empty warehouse masquerading as a real estate office? Dood....

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   1 year 45 weeks ago

    The difficulty is competing with Staples. Staples offers much more than the UPS store. It has a large parking lot, the employees are friendly and honest. Case in point, I took a package down to the UPS store as I didn't want to drive down further to Staples. The parking at the UPS store was limited and trying to get out of the parking lot was a real task due to traffic. I took the package in and the UPS store wanted $35 postage to return it! I was astonished! I refused their service and drove to Staples. They charged me $10.00 less to mail the package. There was no hem-hawing around and I felt like the UPS store workers were taking me for a ride. So, I won't be going back. Actually the store owner and another clerk was there. Neither one of them were very friendly people. The store owner had another business in town that went belly up. I can see his store going the same route.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   1 year 45 weeks ago

    the ups store is a unique franchise in the way it can somewhat control the income it makes. It requires more of a salesman than say a another franchises selling fast food or video games. You have a requirement to sell materials, labor, and service at all times to every customer or you will never turn any reasonable profit for the time invested. I was never part of the Ups store when it was MBE and more owner operated, but I hear the stories and can attest to constant profit seizure and compliance mandates. With that being said, if you want to be your own boss and work extra hard for your money it's a a solid potentially risky endeavor with decent reward. The real reward comes from a total understanding of what managing and motivating employees to run the business for you and being able to run 2 plus stores. If you can get a good sales force and drive traffic to your location through customer service you stand a good chance of success

  • Teeth Whitening Business   1 year 45 weeks ago

    Interested in business

  • Does anyone have any information on Environmental Waste Solutions Franchises?   1 year 45 weeks ago

    I've been an EWS affiliate for 9 years. I was online searching for environmental resources for one of my clients and came across this fun little site. So, I thought I'd add my two cents even though I anticipate the trolls to accuse anyone of having had a good experience with this company to be a plant or a fraud. Tis the nature of you trolls.... Anyway, I've done 3 joint venture with EWS over nine years time. I also have alot of my own accounts. I'm thankful for the joint venture accounts since those three have brought in 10 times what my local accounts have brought in. I looked back on my tax returns and bookkeeping program and added it up - I've been paid $319,610 on joint venture accounts with EWS. In early 2015 my payments on the remaining JV I had started to slow down, going to 60 days past due. EWS was slow in responding to my emails and phone calls too. Finally, a lady named Donna called me and sent me an offer to buy out my remaining JV. They had added up what the account would probably pay over the remaining 9 months and discounted it by 32%. I complained and tried to negotiate, but in the end took the check they offered me. I justified it cause a 32% discount isn't really that bad considering nobody knows if the client will even pay the remaining 9 months. Donna explained that the company was having trouble because of the high commission levels it was paying its old affiliates (they paid me 50% on two of my JV accounts) and that if I wanted to do any more JV's I needed to sign an agreement to be paid 25%. (Considering I didn't really do that much on the three previous accounts I did with them, I signed the new commission agreement.) So, yeah, they started slow paying me. Yeah, they asked me to take less commission on future accounts, but in the end, they paid me. And hey, companies go through shit - so what? I can't call for their heads on a platter cause I've made a ton of money with what they taught me and on the three accounts I did with them. Trolls are entitled to their own opinions and to write whatever they want, and so am I. I'll start timing now to see how long it takes for one of you trolls to accuse me of being a "company man" - steak dinner with the wife if one of you does it in 24 hours! LOL. But seriously, criminal charges? Class actions? Wow, you guys got a lot of time on your hands - must not be out there closing any accounts would be my guess. LOL

    Kevin Robertson
    EWS Affiliate

  • Coffee News   1 year 45 weeks ago

    Your problem is that you are greedy... you are thinking only about yourself and how much MONEY YOU can make. That's not why you should do anything... you do things to help others achieve their goals, then you reap your rewards.

  • Coffee News   1 year 45 weeks ago

    and now you are out of the Coffee News business...

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   1 year 46 weeks ago

    Dear Franny,

    I am a California resident and am interested in purchasing a franchise in the State of Arizona. Do you know if there are any franchise rules that would prevent me from purchasing in Arizona because I reside in California?

    Thanks so much!
    MF Limon

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   1 year 46 weeks ago

    Are things getting better?

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   1 year 47 weeks ago

    In December of 2015 a franchise fee of $30K was paid to Sweet & Sassy Franchise.
    However, it's been 7 months later and we are still unable to secure financing with good credit due to lack of alternative income. Our franchise agreement states "The Initial Franchise Fee is used to defray our costs related to providing you with the pre-opening training and opening training and assistance. The Initial Franchise Fee is uniform for all franchisees and is deemed fully earned and non-refundable upon payment". We unfortunately wont receive any of the terms in which the fee is used to cover.
    We feel litigation is necessary as the Franchisor won't acknowledge our emails and previously stated it's nonrefundable. Can she give us a "Trump University" experience without recourse ?

  • Coffee News   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Just a quick update... Over the past 20+ years we have consistently found that the biggest hurdle faced by startup free community papers is the high cost of printing.  We now offer low cost printing to our subscribers.  Even after shipping costs our price is the lowest we have found anywhere.  If we can help you get started, contact us anytime to get up and running in your area.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   1 year 49 weeks ago

    Do you have a sample copy of a harassment policy for employees to sign? Or can you tell me where to get one?
    Thank you

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   1 year 49 weeks ago

    You the best William thanks JM

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   1 year 49 weeks ago

    Opportunist/investor -William says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 14, 2016 at 9:45 pm
    I looked into buying a few UPS store franchise in Montana, but after meeting with the owner of Montana area ( Brad ) and talking to his franchisees who are not happy with the way that corporate was squishing the profits out of them. I found out that corporate UPS is doing most if not more of what the previous commenters mentioned.
    I’m a very successful experienced franchisee looking for opportunities but a UPS Store in Montana is no win situation. Good luck

  • Does anyone have any information on Environmental Waste Solutions Franchises?   1 year 49 weeks ago

    You should band together and initiate a class action suit. Darwin pays himself first, always.

  • Have you heard of this franchise?   1 year 51 weeks ago

    Yea it's very popular and the only competition in Massachusetts besides Starbucks

  • Foot Solutions - Horror Story   1 year 51 weeks ago

    They say there is two sides to every story so let's here Foot Solutions reply.