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  • Jazzercise Franchise????   2 years 3 weeks ago

    Jazzercise needs to get rid of their archaic audition process and learn from the Zumba franchise (which certifies about 80 people per training workshop) when I went thru the Zumba certification no one was turned down. Common sense dictates that if you are NOT a good instructor NO one will hire you. And if your class is lousy you wont be able to keeo students.

    Jazzercise has set up its model to make money for the owner of Jazzercise and her daughter. I get franchise fees...but the application process, extra additional fees...constant monitoring (by less qulaified people I might add) has no place in the current business market.

    If any of the knuckle heads who run Jazzercise read this, here is what you need to do (coming from an ex Jazzercise owner and current successful Zumba owner:

    1) drop your application fees - come on $1-2000? Seriously
    2) get rid of all of the monthly rificulous fees
    3) forget the monitoring process- teachers AND customers hate having their class disturbed
    4) motivate jazzercise instructors to want to work together without this nasty sorrority like climate
    5) reduce the cost of your clothing line and offer to sell boutique style at Jazzercise locations.

    The one thing that did make Jazzercise great was the music...but thats it = (

    Get it together Jazzercise Corp and you can attract a whole new crop of instructors and customers.

  • Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness   2 years 4 weeks ago

    Looked at the franchising agreement and surprised people sign the dotted line. Out side of all the various fees is that you have to use their management and billing software which I've heard nothing but complaints about.

    When I last researched, out of 900 stores, 167 are for sale by corporate. That's a brand that is tanking in my opinion.

    They also have Round 9 and a Yoga label with the same horrendous terms.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 years 4 weeks ago

    This information is no longer available. Not even through the FOIA. Congressmen and Senators are not even privileged to this info any longer

    Transparency at it's best

  • Liberty Tax   2 years 4 weeks ago

    I'm sorry you to hear you went thru that If you are looking to open a tax franchise that wants you to succeed you should look at opening a Tax USA they do partnerships instead of franchises, which is great because there is no franchise fee and the royalties are competitive with thus for you make more money.

    They are a privately own company that advertises to the local people in your area and outside your area so you don't have to worry about different management people messing things up and digging into your pockets oh and did I mention the it's only a 5k buy in unlike H and R, Liberty and Jackson H. that ranges from 30k and up.

    After you add everything up you might not see profits until the next season which I think is crazy if you have questions or want to talk with someone send the company an email I made 128k in profits this season I've been with the company 3 years and have made money from the first year, I've made my investment back and some.

    This is a company that wants to see you win they are hands down the best tax service company just sharing info.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 years 5 weeks ago

    Is there a current status at the fed level for a univ Bill of Rights. I see very little of the last 4 years.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 years 6 weeks ago

    Don't anyone believe this post. It is just a corporate drone. All he/she has to do is say what store # so it can be verified. But they can't because it only exists in the dreams of MBEC corporate office.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 years 6 weeks ago

    I own a UPS Store. My business has steadily increased by at least 30 to 40 thousand per year over the last three years and we had another store open just a couple miles down the road from us. Its all about good business. My packaging revenue is the highest in the state and its only getting better, and our prices for packing are lower than everyone else. I make a decent living off of it and I Employ four full time staff members one of which is a manager all my guys make over 10 an hour and work at least 35 hours a week and I still make money. I don't know what y'all are doing wrong, but I'm killing it.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 years 6 weeks ago

    The main reason print is not viable is over 140 interruptions every day for drop offs, drop off taping, access point package pickups, and general UPS customer service questions.

  • MAACO   2 years 8 weeks ago

    Funny that a company would call itself "driven" when the only growth they have had is through acquisition. Maaco reached its peak in 1998 and currently only has 450 failing shops because they have admitted that a single shop is not viable. You will need to buy a second license, for an additional sales location, somewhere removed from your actual location., they call it a "satellite" sales office in order to make your initial investment viable. 450 shops when "driven" took over 5 years ago - 450 shops now, burned through 400 +/- owners just to keep the numbers going. Woo-hoo just give the executives your investment and walk away, you will be better off than dealing with these "MBA" theives that do not own their own business.

  • Liberty Tax   2 years 8 weeks ago

    I would be delighted to speak with you about owning a TAXX SAVERS franchise.

    Different and better than Liberty (home-based) and caters to small business). Learn more at

    You can request consideration from the website or call me directly at 1-800-AT-LOW-TAX (1-800-285-6982).

    Calvin Brown
    Founder and CEO

  • Liberty Tax   2 years 8 weeks ago

    Unlike all of the typical retail tax businesses (independents and franchises) serving low income clients, TAXX SAVERS is different.

    This franchise model targets and caters to self-employed persons and small business owners. Franchisees provide a comprehensive set of tax, financial and business advisory services, earning year round income.

    The business can be ran from a home or commercial office, and can be operated part-time. No experience is needed to own a franchise.

    Learn more on their website at

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   2 years 9 weeks ago

    Hi. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to send me one of the old ingredient labels? I need to come up with something g to put on my bouquets to satisfy health labeling requirements. Thanks in advance!
    You can email me at


  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 years 10 weeks ago

    Is there a recent failure rate chart? I am a franchise broker and I'd like to furnish this information to my clients.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 years 10 weeks ago

    Yes it is the same in Canada. Very small percentage are making a living. Drop offs are not quite as high but increasing rapidly. DO NOT consider investing in this franchise. I did own one in the Toronto area and was fortunate to get out.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 years 10 weeks ago

    Yes, the same. Bleak.

  • The UPS Store, Tales of Gore   2 years 11 weeks ago

    I am currently researching The UPS store in Toronto, Ontario, area, and stumbled onto this forum.
    Majority of comments are negative and quite bleak. Q - does this sentiments also hold true for Canadian operation? Any one in Toronto area with feedback/advice? Thanks!

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 years 11 weeks ago

    Help! So it's 2016 now how are people feeling about this franchise? I was moments away from signing on the dotted line to buy a franchise from the current owner.... And now this.

  • Nothing is Sweet about Candy Bouquet!   2 years 11 weeks ago

    When I was a franchisee there were 1200 stores and CBI corporate had taken out an ad in People magazine for Valentine's Day. Seemed promising at the time. The franchise could have been something great but it wasn't managed right. So many franchisees lost money. What a shame.

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 years 11 weeks ago

    Is anyone able to provide me with a list of the US states that have legislated (or have a bill in progress) that a franchisee is purely and simply a contract counterparty of its franchisor and is NOT an employee?

    I am going to wade right in at the deep end and look at the consequences of this for franchisor and franchisee bankruptcy. 

    Thanks for any thoughts. Jenny

  • At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’   2 years 13 weeks ago

    The site is now gone and I can't find a copy of the book anywhere!

  • Dear Franny (Guests Post Questions Here)   2 years 14 weeks ago

    My franchise was picked up by a franchise company, after being developed by an educator. Over a decade later, she wanted the franchise to herself, and bought it back. That was 3 months ago. Before, we were not being held to a minimum monthly fee, but now, they want us to begin paying a minimum monthly of $900. Before, they asked for just a marketing free of 7% and franchise fee of 3%. So, 10% of our earnings was the royalty to the company. So, this month, I made only $500. I provide services at schools, and I was invalid for four months, so no business. I just got an email from the owner saying I owed another $870. Needless to say I was upset. I emailed back that I needed to dump the business if this was their new approach. Then, the lady who developed the business called me and was very sympathetic, but insistent that we need to pay extra money now, because the business costs them so much to run. How is that my fault?

    So, here is the pickle. I cannot afford this. I have limited buiness income as it is, and she is saying this will give me incentive. I work the business a lot, and it is just not working because I started on a shoestring. I spent all my reitrement savings and put myself into debt to tune of $60K to start this up. I had my car repossessed because the franchise does not make as much as they claimed it would make, in the first place, and I banked on earning more, using credit cards to support my household. It never paid off, and now I believe I will have to file bankruptcy. The new owner sent pictures of her daughter's bat mizvah in NY City in this gala suite - I'm sure it cost o ver $50,000. She literally had to ask me what bankruptcy meant. She has no understanding, period, of what it is like to struggle. So, here I am, no income and they want $900 a month. If I don't earn $900 in royalties (the 10% previously mentioned) I have to pay $900 anyway.

    Do I have any recourse at this juncture? I signed a piece of paper which asked me if there were things promised, and I sent them a detailed email stating I was promised to earn more, in the first year -- which is true- and that I have gone broke because I have not earned that much. I have worked this program just like they say to, but the income is very sporadic and does not pay off until you have multiple locations and multiple staff hired. I have not been able to build the program out without operating capital.

    Can I just quit? What can I do?

  • Liberty Tax   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Worst business mistake of my life. The AD in this area Washington DC Peter Zolowolski is a Donald Trump carbon copy. As racist as they come. I am looking forward to seeing the Death Of Liberty Tax. Any questions call me direct 2029051856

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   2 years 14 weeks ago

    "What's up with the $18 walk in fee?"

    It can significantly boost a fitness center's revenue and cover costs based on customer activity. Is there another activity that you think can better help lift a fitness center's operating income or cash flow?

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   2 years 15 weeks ago

    They are raising our fees to $55 this year. The girls and I are going elsewhere.

  • Jazzercise Franchise????   2 years 15 weeks ago

    Whats up with the $18 walk in fee.... How does that help?